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Having produced a plethora of club hits in recent times, it should come as no surprise that Martin Solveig’s latest release C’est La Vie has the prerequisites to be yet another dance classic. What did catch me a bit off guard though was the variety of styles covered on this eleven track release, as Solveig brings us a little taste of everything with pop, rock, R&B alongside his recognisable afro-funk influences all thrown into the mix, which gives the impression that this album is sure to entice a whole new legion of music lovers to this quirky, yet supremely talented, producer’s already popular fanbase.

It wouldn’t be a Solveig release without his unique electro house stylings which are showcased on tracks like the bouncey One2.3 Four, Touch Me and the vastly popular I Want You, which to me sounds very similar to the single Everybody from his earlier album Hedonist, but hey; it still rocks. What really amazed me though is how much his tunes seemed to emulate other artists from all over the spectrum of popular music.

Beauty False had me picturing the world music artist, Mika, with its catchy guitar riff, piano hook and smooth vocal creating the same fun vibe which that artist is renowned for. Then there is the grooving bass line, wah guitar and smooth horns of Superficial which could have just as easily been the brain child of recently departed funk legend James Brown, rather than this 33 year-old DJ/producer. Each song still has that trademark Solveig touch though, with his unique take on his chosen artform shining through.

The highlight track for me (and it was hard to pick just one) most definitely was the stonker house ditty Give It To Me which just oozes high-octane energy with its funky groove and outstanding vocal combined with its pulsating bass and subtle synth strings (which sound so clean you can almost hear them glistening). I’m sure that it’s only a matter of time before it gets the remix treatment by some of the best in the business, and Laidback Luke or Fedde Le Grand have already worked their magic on other tracks from this release.

If this CD is an indication of where house music is going in the future, then it would seem to be in very good hands indeed as it really does have a freshness to it, a new and unique sound that when combined with its massive crossover appeal, really means there is something for everyone. From the house heads to the pop princesses to the funk soul brothers, this smooth, soulful and uplifting release is sure to wet a few taste buds and even though I felt satisfied I’d just been served the tastiest treat in town, this delectable platter of music left me salivating for more. C’est La Vie!

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