Christopher Lawrence & Dave Aude feat. Jen Lasher - Lie To Ourselves

Image For Christopher Lawrence & Dave Aude feat. Jen Lasher - Lie To Ourselves

Many people will enjoy this track I’m sure. It will go down well on dancefloors where people lap up vocal anthems but for me, it’s just bland and another forgettable vocal tune. It’s certainly not horrible or really bad, but it just doesn’t do anything to get me excited. The fact that the press release talks up collaborator Dave Aude as a top producer responsible for #1 chart hits from Britney Spears, The Pussycat Dolls and tATu, and that it’s a “crossover” and “breakthrough” track, really comes across to me as saying “Hey, being a top class producer and DJ isn’t enough, I need mainstream pop success now,” and it doesn’t help.

The production is quality and the melodies sound good, it’s just nothing out of the ordinary, nothing that we haven’t seen before. There are a bunch of remixes but no dub, so every track has the full vocals from Jen Lasher, who has a nice voice but the song just sounds like most pop trance tracks to me. The Breakdown “electro house” remix is your typical bzzt bzzt commercial tune, the David & Carr remix is your typical piano and supersaw trance tune, the DJ Micro remix is a little less epic and the progressive house crowd is catered for by John Debo.

If you like vocal trance then you will probably like this, it’s not really bad but not really fantastic to me either and I guess I expected a bit more from Christopher Lawrence, so hopefully after this “lie” he can bring us the truth again soon.

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