Various Artists - Raw 09, mixed by Chris Fraser & Jeff Drake

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Chris Fraser (a regular over the years in the inthemix50 poll and now working behind the scenes in the industry) and Jeff Drake (also working behind the scenes in the industry, as well as DJing regularly at fine establishments like Chinese Laundry in Sydney) have brought us the next slamming instalment of Raw FM’s yearly anthology of house and club music. Some of the biggest tracks of ’08 and a few from the start of ’09 have made it onto the album, with Sneaky Sound System, The Ting Tings, Grafton Primary, MGMT, Global Deejays and Kaz James having been remixed by the likes of TV Rock, Sam Le More, Luke Chable, Kid Massive, Numode v’s Lowkiss, Soulwax and Aston Shuffle.

There are some outstanding tunes on both mixes of this two-CD release, Kaz James and Macy Gray’s Can’t Hold Back (TV Rock and Luke Chable remix) is a killer opening track on disc one, followed by Chris Fraser’s remix of P-Money’s floorfiller Everything. I was never a fan of Empire Of The Sun (or any camp new-age Emo pop for that matter) but Sam Le Moore’s remix of We Are The People and Soulwax’s remix of MGMT’s track Kid’s might just see me convert to a lover not a hater of all things new age and Emo-esque.

I could go on to list every track I love and tell you why I love it, but then I would have to tell you about every single track – they are literally all ace. But I can say that the first CD is a bit bouncier than the second with tracks like Grafton Primary’s All Stars (Tom Piper’s Main Room Freshness Remix) and Global Deejays feat. Rozalla’s classic dance floor filler Everybody’s Free (Numode Vs Lowkiss Remix), but I would say that the second is a lot funkier and ends on a distinct Latin note with Tom Sawyer’s aptly named South American and Citylife Feat D.d’s San Francisco (Fred Falke Dub). One of my favourite tracks of last year has also made it onto the album – Mowgli’s Pa Po Pon, which I can’t stop singing along to even though the words make no sense at all, and there is a remix of one of my all time favourite tracks by Massive Attack Teardrop, but this time sung by Eleze with the Glenn Morrison & Bruce Aisher Remix.

Chris Fraser and Jeff Drake make a great double act, and I would love to see them play on the same night with Chris getting everyone up and Jeff keeping them there. But for now I will have to settle on this great album, and hope to catch them on Raw FM every now and then.

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Laundry said on the 21st Jun, 2009

Pretty sure Jeff Drake and Nash T are NOT The Only.