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Get ready. This is going to be the year of La Roux, with the much hyped indie-synth electro-infused pop perfecto self-titled album La Roux landing, and it’s certain to be a crossover wet dream. With La Roux building up new hordes of fans this year, this album is surely going to catapult them into superstardom.

The debut album refreshingly breaks away from the tradition female poptastic saturation that’s doing the rounds at the moment, ala Lady Gaga. While La Roux will ultimately be likened to contemporaries like Goldfrapp and even fellow newcomer Little Boots, the appeal of La Roux lies with their street cred. Reflective of them originally being signed to Kitsune, these guys skimp of the cheese and deliver on quality.

While the album cannot escape comparisons to other recent acts who have been channeling the 80s, thanks to its retro-synth inspired sound, it has already spawned the massively successful hit In For the Kill and while arguably a little clichéd, it’s exactly how the album launches and operates. Delivering well-produced catchy pop at its very best, it’ll be sure to delight both the indie and club kiddies alike, while spawning a new legion of fans with its radio friendly charm, and undoubtedly a whole suit of remixes to follow spawning an array of club treats.

With a number of stand out tracks, the album peaks with Fascination. While it is hard to beat such perfection, awe see similar success with the lead singles Quicksand and Bulletproof. While these tracks make up the first half of the album, La Roux still delivers a sumptuous overall package overall with Cover My Eyes demonstrating the calibre of their varied talents.

Well timed to get us into gear for the upcoming summer party and festival season, by the time Parklife arrives the crowds will be gagging.

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