Various Artists - Bugged Out! pres. Suck My Deck, mixed by Brodinski

Image For Various Artists - Bugged Out! pres. Suck My Deck, mixed by Brodinski

Move over Erol. There’s a new nu-rave electro-clash-mash whiz kid in town, and he’s got your crown in his sights. Man of the moment Brodinski, has always wanted to record for Alkan and Damian Lazarus’ labels. A mere two years after releasing his breakthrough hit Bad Runner (its success due in no small part to Alkan giving it props on his blog), Brodinski’s goals are well within his reach. He’s the latest to front Bugged Out’s Suck My Deck series, where the club night’s darlings show off their electronic prowess in a format that will last you longer than one fuzzy morning.

Brodinski’s in good company – former Suck my Deckers include one of his heroes Lazarus, as well as Boys Noize and Simian Mobile Disco. I think Lazarus and Alkan would be proud of Brodinski’s efforts here, not least because his first track is Late of the Pier’s Bathroom Gurgle (Duke Dumont remix), produced by Alkan himself. The disconcerting soundscape of Gurgle sets the tone for the melting pot of noises that follows with the Middle Eastern snake-charmer chords of Kenton Slash Demon’s Khattabi meshes multi-layered beats and Indian chants in the next tune.

The record is something of a tripped-out journey, replacing the radio-friendly electro of Brodinskis’ offerings in collaboration with that other Gallic poster boy Yuksek, with an experimental, genre-bending blend of sounds. Jim Raynor’s Okain does the requisite bleeps and beeps thing, and Mexer features the sublime vocal talents of Thais, her schoolgirl sing-song evoking a softer-edged Amanda Blanks.

The Clapper has a Claude Von Stroke vibe, it’s very DC-10 complete with smoke machine sound effects and a teasing slow build. Boing 030 picks up where it leaves off, morphing the impulse to fidget into an urge to foot tap. And then some. This party has well and truly started, and next it’s time to board Lucio Aquilina’s Disco Bus, which is as fun as it sounds; a bouncy, crunching beat ride.

Other highlights include the energetic Djedtjoronic mix of Tiga’s shoes, the techy delight that is Melt, Yuksek’s ballsy dub of We R Not Supermenz – all hand claps and rolling beats – and the dreamy, spaced out finale, Orlando Voorn’s The Beholder. A fitting way to finish really, as the rich talents of young Louis Brodinski are well and truly beholden over the course of this diverting compilation. Check him out live when he hits our shores in September.

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