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Moby would have to be one of the original pioneers of the modern dance sound with productions going back as far as the early 90s such as Go! and Next is the E. These helped define dance music at the time and through the years, Moby has continued to re-invent himself as an artist. Wait For Me takes on a more downbeat, chilled and ambient approach which could be at times interpreted as classical electronica. It’s very soothing, emotive and yet captivating and Moby has delivered more than a gem this time, but a masterpiece.

The classical feel comes across straight away with Division which has a perfect string accompaniment to smooth ambience, that sets a mature and beautiful mood for what is to come. The string instruments are also used in Walk With Me, incorporating some low level break beats and more deeper chilled sounds which make for a spellbinding listen.

The one that takes this mood to the ultimate level though is A Seated Night. Striking choir vocals with orchestral strings grab your attention instantly with again more powerful ambience. This takes every feeling out of your inner being and makes your skin crawl. Unbelievably good and one of the best Moby tracks on the album, and also to this very day.

But it isn’t all like this… Moby still shows creative flair and adds different sounds and moods throughout. There is a dark, bluesy vibe on Study War that captures your imagination and sucks you in. The piano features again on the album title Wait For Me which solos with some crooning female vocals before becoming an inspiring, nice Balearic-like lounge hit. We even get some trip hop influence mixed with soul on Hope Is Gone – a track that takes a page out of Lamb and Morcheeba’s book. Isolate keeps on with the same vibe, just a little bit darker.

More straight ambient numbers like JLTF-1 add anything from haunting and eerie touches to straight relaxing with Ghost Return. There is also the downbeat, slow-tempo electronica tracks that sound like what most people will know Moby for such as Pale Horses. A little on the orchestra bandwagon again, but similar to singles released from albums like Play and 18, it’s vintage Moby.

Wait For Me is I feel a more mature sound from Moby but also exciting and powerful. Add to that the raw, musical talent and genius of Moby and like I said before, we have nothing short of a masterpiece and what I believe is on of the finest collections of music for sometime. I will now make a big call and say this is Moby’s finest album to date. Yes, better than his best selling Play. Picture perfect, flawless and superb! A privilege to review and will continue to get continuous airplay in my house. Get into yours as well!

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Juzzzy said on the 1st Sep, 2009

well thats a breath of fresh air since his last cd ...... :s