Various Artists - Slinky Trance Classics, mixed by Lee Haslam

Image For Various Artists - Slinky Trance Classics, mixed by Lee Haslam

With the market constantly flooded by “trance classics” compilations, the Slinky brand has decided we haven’t tired of these releases just yet and, entering the ring with a double CD mixed by resident Lee Haslam. The press for this album talks about choosing tracks that are Slinky classics and have a connection to the club, as opposed to just another trance greatest hits, and to an extent this is true. There are some great tunes on this compilation that aren’t really seen on other CDs like this, and also a few that might seem surprising.

The beginning of the first CD is probably more representative of this Slinky-specific approach. It starts with Laurent Garnier’s seminal tune The Man With The Red Face, one of those tracks that pretty much everyone loves and hasn’t been on a lot of ‘trance’ classics CDs. God Is A DJ by Faithless and Simulated by Marco V are also a little less generic. Peaktime classic material is provided by 1998, Universal Nation and Airwave though and Traffic by Tiesto gives a slight contemporary edge.

The second disc is more your standard classics anthems compilation with mainstays Silence, Cafe del Mar and Greece 2000 all making appearances but again there are a couple of other tunes that might make it stand out for people such as Hole In OneLife’s Too Short and there is even some of ye olde vinyl pop and crackle here and there on some tunes. On both discs the mixing is great and the flow and energy is generally maintained throughout the CD.

I guess overall yes, it’s another classics compilation, but it’s mixed live instead of being worked out on the computer and there are a couple of tunes that might make it stand out, so if you are looking for a classics compilation you could probably do worse than this one.

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