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I had the immense pleasure of seeing South African psytrance maestro Protoculture recently at a show in Melbourne to promote this CD, a compilation named Serpentine Illusions, brought to us by the fine people at Soundkraft Records. Protoculture’s set that night was brilliant, full of energy and excitement and a variety of sounds. This CD is not too dissimilar, a mix of artists from around the globe have brought a variety of sounds from the psychedelic spectrum, trending towards the darker side of things, onto one diverse CD.

The opening track by Electrypnose is slightly more spacey and cruisy than your regular psy trance and is a great starter before Talpa’s spooky, creepy and entertaining effort. Soundkraft himself changes direction a bit with some chirpy sounds and melodies in a nice driving tune that’s not too out there and Barak provides an evil bass line and some “traditional” craziness accompanied by sci-fi and spoken samples. Now at the midway point of the CD it’s time for the stand out track from Protoculture. It’s a beautiful, thumping melodic and uplifting tune, a perfect example of why I love his productions. He manages to get just the right mix of psychedelic and euphoric elements in his tracks and this is no exception. Awesome!

The second half the disc begins with Artifakt and one of those crazy “how the hell am I supposed to mix into this?” kind of psychedelic tunes which has a whole lot going on and to me is just a little too crazy. The craziness is continued with Soundkraft’s second tune on the compilation. Lovers of trippy full on stuff will enjoy it but I’m skipping ahead to Electrypnose’s second tune which tones things down slightly, going way dark and driving compared to the opening track. Farebi Jalebi follows down the dark, killer bass line road and brings some of the Family Guy crew along for the ride before Buster Groove finishes things off with a track that pounds along but is just lacking a bit of groove or ‘x’-factor to be a great closer.

Overall it’s a pretty decent cd that for me peaks with the Protoculture effort. Even though there is a range of sounds here it seems to cater a bit more for fans of the darker, crazier side of things which is fine if you like that sort of thing but I personally would have liked a few more melodic, ‘morning’ style tunes. It’s not all bad though, as it just makes the Protoculture tune stand out even more!

Tracklist for Serpentine Illusions:

01. Electrypnose – Sun Burning Far Away
02. Talpa – Hand Made
03. Soundkraft – Ayesha
04. Barak – A Netherworld Order
05. Protoculture – More Directions
06. Artifakt – Neocon
07. Soundkraft – Elementary My Dear Watson
08. Electrypnose – Ltech
09. Farebi Jalebi – 13 Khabs
10. Buster Groove – A-Scene

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Soundkraft Recs

Soundkraft Recs said on the 6th May, 2010

Purchase your copy of Serpentine Illusions here : :) next cd launch party with John Phantasm, Ultravoice and Rubal :