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People Under The Stairs deliver their 7th studio album Carried Away, and the album begins with a sample that tells us pops and pills and academics aren’t enough anymore, and they need the “hard stuff”, dropping into Step Off, a head nodding jam which is fairly typical of PUTS. The rhyme, “Last album were funny but this ain’t no joke, nah who am I kidding we’re still having fun,” pretty much sums up the whole album.

Whilst Check The Vibe, Hit The Top and Listen are all pretty standard PUTS fare; laid back and breezy, 80 Blocks From Silverlake and Down in LA celebrate life in Los Angeles. It’s all about the parties, the BBQs, the bitches and the brews. Come On Let’s Get High features a sweet soul sample singing the title, and ends up with Double K telling all the rappers who claim they smoke don’t smoke like he – braggadocio at its finest. The duo bring their raps to the forefront on the classic oldschool sound of Beer, stripping it down to the bare minimum, not only with production but lyrical content too, punctuating the notion this guys really love their beer.

There are the funny tracks, like Creepshow about the guys stalking women, and Teeth about being abused in the dentist chair. My favourite is Letter From The Old School, with the guys rapping like Melly Mel, responding to a letter from Double K, which ends up with the PUTS guys threatening to put on a Luther Vandross fest.

There are a couple more serious tracks here too. My Boy D tells the story of a kid who couldn’t get into college, so deals drugs – a common story “especially if you listen to some Ice T songs”. The title track will carry you away, with its dreamy beats and acoustic guitar, recalling the 90s hip hop sounds.

But the standout track has to be Trippin’ at The Disco. It’s up there with Tuxedo Rap as one of their greatest. With its sing-along chorus and floor stomping party jam featuring 70s high hats and bass guitar, it sounds like something which could be dropped by Krafty Kuts at 2am in the morning to get the crowd live.

I think Carried Away is their best since OST. In fact, it’s one of the best hip hop albums I’ve heard all year. The reason I like it so much is because it’s old school in the truest sense of the world. Thes One and Double K deliver dope raps over awesome crate dug funky beats, interspersed with funny skits and wicked samples. It’s a happy, upbeat, party vibe album that’s sure to be dropped at BBQs and beach parties everywhere this summer.

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