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What do you do when your album is one of the best selling dubstep releases ever? Make another one, of course. And that’s exactly what the master compilers at GetDarker did. Coming out with their second instalment of ‘massive dubstep anthems’, This is Dubstep Vol. 2 seeks to tickle every itch of the dubstep sub-genres, while at the same time introducing the ‘overground’ to some of the classic sounds of Skream, Benga, Caspa, Chase and Status, Joker, Breakage and more.

Aiming to encapsulate a genre that has been living in the basement for years and bringing it into the mainstream is a difficult task. However, the dark grime has been expected by many to hit the main-stage sooner rather than later. This is Dubstep Vol. 2’s 40-track buffet takes on the challenge by offering the tastebuds a tasty menu including ragga dubstep on the Caspa and the Others remix of Hard, revived club hits such as Eastern Jam by Chase and Status, and spaced-out, deep bass jams like Space Ugly by Ikonika. Also offered is a variety of moods; Skream’s Memories of 3rd Base will put you back in your couch while Rob Sparx gets you dancing on your living room table with the infectious beats of Casino.

Nevertheless, for those avid dubsteppers, the compilation may be a bit drab. It brings back songs from two years ago that had their run and others that don’t represent the current state of dubstep. More specifically, the current state is robbed of its latest hits by some of the genre’s biggest names such as Joy Orbison and the eccentricities of likes of Tipper and Bran Richards.

The rapid evolution that has taken place within dubstep is indeed hard to keep pace with, and the lack of newer tracks may be a bit harsh a criticism of an album whose goal is to top the iTunes charts. Maybe Volume 3 will widen its selection of mid-bass bumpers and delve into the current trend of bringing in influences from other genres. This is Dubstep Vol. 2 does offer a decent introductory package of the classic sub-bass grime and wobble that gave dubstep its first push – and it’s not anything to sneeze at.

This is Dubstep Vol. 2 is out now through GetDarker/PIAS.

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