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There have been a handful of landmark mixes in recent years which have been a study in disassembling dance music and reassembling the loops into a complex tapestry of sound, rich and layered, surprising at first and rewarding with each subsequent listen. This release marks Robag Wruhme’s ascension to the rarefied air occupied by thumping, seminal moments like Joris Voorn’s Balance 014.

But much of this album isn’t going to light up many dancefloors – quite the opposite. The most upbeat section – four-on-the-floor kicks and delicious hi-hats – peters out not five tracks into the album’s 14. The rest of the mix is a deconstruction of quirky melody, smoky vocals, gently hissing white noise. And it’s rather good.

Sure, this is a Kompakt mix, so you know it’s going to be a slowburner, but it’s got a decidedly Back To Mine feel about it. A hazy end to an afternoon, a nostalgic memory of a bawdy house party, the syrupy texture of a good red. I could come up with wanky analogies all day, but it’s not my fault, honest. Have a listen to the pitched-down bliss of Moderat’s Rusty Nails and try not to get pensive. I dare you.

From the head-bopping, more straightforward tech, to the closer of the slow motion Sweater Day trailing off to ambient picnic noise, it’s an album of emotive vignettes, each of them lovingly created (albeit sometimes roughly stitched together).

The source material is pretty special too. While the tracklist is more a case of namedropping than an accurate guide to what you’ll hear on any given track, it really is an amazing collection of very different artists – everyone from Villalobos to WhoMadeWho.

Like similar technical tours de force, this album is a delight to listen to over and over. But uniquely, this one stands alone as one that doesn’t build to a peaktime moment. Instead, it shoots you off a peak and cushions your landing with a collection of gorgeous sounds that only Kompakt could pull together.

Wuppdeckmischmampflow is out now on Kompakt through Elan.

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