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An associate of the Ed Banger crew, Brodinski has regularly dabbled at the spot where electro bangers meet hip-hop, and bring everything else in between along for the ride. His BBC Essential Mix of April 2011 was warmly welcomed by many, with his passion for American rap music all too obvious at times. Then the folk down Fabric way offered the Frenchman a crack at the 60th edition of the London club’s mix series, and I was intrigued to see what he had dished up.

A strong opening sees Brodinski throw down some deep booming bass lines hovering below a stream of melodies above, with Silk from Bicep and Slow Dance from Low Jack making for some ridiculously good listening early on. We’ve got some acid house, we’ve got thumping techno. But there’s more fun ahead, with the likes of Beach Party from Tomas Barfod into Workin and Steamin by Harkin & Raney, and the Gucci Vump remix of Iron from Woodkid , into Stalker Humanoid from Renaissance Man offering plenty to actively listen to and get excited about. Brodinski has squeezed no less than 23 tracks into 75 minutes, and early on, it gives the compilation a strong sense of dynamism: just as you’ve got into the groove of one tune, the next one is already on its way. He moves between genres effortlessly, and with the tunes more than adequately holding up their end of the bargain, we’re suddenly almost halfway through and it all looks rather strong.

We then get tunes from T Williams and John Roman, Hearbeat and Petrified respectively dropping in and moving us in a very different direction. There’s more than a hint of tribal scattered amongst a sea of rolling techno, although at points – while the idea is sound – the execution is perhaps a bit off. It is temporary though, because he sets us straight again, unleashing into the pounding electro and acid infused Body Acid from Gingy Bordello and the pulsating Conrol Movement from Gesaffelstein, before gliding us through the angelic vocals of Andrea Martin in the dubstep-fused I Still Love You from Switch. It makes for an amazing ride, and if this were a live set, if the former two are the peak time drivers, it is the latter that bring it all down again, and with absolute aplomb. He then proceeds to demolish the dance-floor in the last few tracks. It’s a hell of a ride, and actually rather fun, even if the technical wizardry isn’t front and centre.

All up, Brodinski has delivered a massive compilation that gives us more than an insight into the various styles and tracks that feature in his sets. Upon the release of the CD, Brodisnki said “[I have] tried to include every track that has changed my life over the last two years, going from slow motion techno to R&B, from backroom music to acid house.” Needless to say, he has delivered, and done it pretty damn well too – producing a compilation that is certainly worthy of the Fabric stamp, and definitely one to check out.

Fabriclive.60 is out now on Fabric.


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