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Jazzland Recordings/Universal

Bugge Wesseltoft is one of Norway’s jazz underground artists who has made huge waves in Europe with his independent label Jazzland Recordings. Famous for blending traditional jazz elements with programmed beats and samples of the deep house and techno genres, Bugge now releases a six track unique album titled “Moving”. The sound? Well the words on everyone’s lips are “Future Jazz” and the vibe? Laid back funky grooves with a deep passionate jazz sound that evolves constantly.

The mixture of live and programmed drums together with some funky percussion gives each track a dynamic groove. Each track is around 10 to 13 minutes long and takes the listener on a soulful journey. Track 3 is called “Yellow is the colour” and the track starts with a very jazzy laidback grand piano which is slowly joined by some percussive grooves and a double bass that develops into a funky groove of its own. As the track progresses, the feeling evolves in what feels a natural transition into a new groove with a tenor saxophone playing soulful melody. Towards the end of the track the bass kicks in with a funky riff and the pace of the percussion picks up, ending the track in a feel that has the listener grooving away subconsciously. This track is probably my favourite, yet each time I listen to the album I find some new aspect that I like even more.

The album maybe only six tracks but each one develops through so many groves that you hardly notice each track as a separate entity but as part of one huge live set. There is a huge array of new sounds and ideas that all interact like one harmonious ecosystem of sound.

“Moving” is an amazing album and perfect for just chilling back and feeling the vibe. It brings the best from the new school and old school underground music movements and fuses them together in such a way that it feels a perfectly natural combination. This album is an outstanding creation and sets the scene for a whole new world of jazz and dance music. The future is now! This really is “Future Jazz”.


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