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Ministry of Sound compilations are famous, not for bringing out albums with cutting edge tracks and/or tomorrows hits, its compilations contain all of the popular tracks you’ve already come to love, puts them with more tracks you love and serves it up and says “buy me, I already know you like me”. Pretty safe ha? ;-)

This edition of Clubber’s guide to… Summer doesn’t break the mould, and contains 33 tracks of funky house and progressive that have become popular over the winter, and will continue to rock our CD players over the summer, with notable exception of one or two songs.

Disc 1 mixed by Brendon contains a myriad of funky house choons that we’ve come to know and love (for lovers of funky house of course) over the past few months. Stand out tracks for me have been the very popular Groovejet by Spiller, there’s also Bob Sinclair, Madison Avenue’s latest single (which thank god doesn’t sound like another Don’t Call Me Baby), Sonique, the very funky Afro Medusa, Black Legend and Artful Dodger’s Movin’ Too Fast. The only track that doesn’t work amongst this concoction of tunes is the final track, Trisco’s Musak, which is a shame because it is a kick ass track. It doesn’t work because it’s a progressive trance track put at the end of a CD full of fanny shakin’ house, also it’s cut down too much and we only get a short glimpse of such a great track. Maybe it’s a prelude into Disk 2…

Disk 2 mixed by Sean Quinn contains a plethora of progressive house and trance which signifies this disk as the ‘let’s get ready for the club’ disk, it is one of the best progressive discs I’ve heard, especially for a locally produced CD. This disc contains some very layered and basicaly storming progressive with tracks ranging from Timo Mass’s remix of Green Velvet’s Flash, with Saints and Sinners, Josh Wink, James Holden’s excellent remix of Electrique Boutique’s Revelation and BT’s Dreaming to name but a few. With the above track selection you can see that this disc never falls into the realms of cheese or crowd pleasing (ooop’s spoke to soon!), with one notable exception… Like disc 1, the final track on this disc just doen’t fit in either, it is the very overplayed and ‘we’re over it’ Time To Burn, worse then that this version of T2B is so butchered I wonder why it was included at all: it’s not progressive, sounds nothing like any of the other tracks, so why?

Both discs are superbly mixed by our DJs with seamless track mixing by Sean Quinn and creative mixing by Brendon. Now if you gander at the above track selection, you wonder “why is this CD called Clubber’s guide to Summer when these tracks have been playing most of winter?”. Just have a listen to disc 1, and you’ll know what I mean when I say all I can imagine is a veranda over-looking the beach and these tunes playing in the background. These tracks have a true summer feel to them if nothing else.

If you have none (or hardly any) of the above tracks on any other compilations and love your vocal, funky house as well as intelligent progressive, I highly recommend this Clubber’s guide to…. Summer.

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