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From the opening strains of a fax machine to the closing notes of the epic “Hold the line” (featuring a very sexy telephone operator!), this album epitomises the French house movement. Some time back I heard (and loved!) “Super Discount”, although it wasn’t until recently that I realised the significant role of Etienne De Crecy in the rise of French house. Put simply, Etienne is the man – a key influence on such popular artists as Air and Daft Punk.

Some of “Tempovision” may be familiar to you by now. The gorgeous “Am I Wrong” is already a dance floor staple worldwide and the soulful “Scratched” features on the delightful “Music at…Moonlight” compilation. All in all, Etienne’s influence on the Australian dance psyche is definitely on the rise.

Etienne describes the sound on “Tempovision” as “digital soul”, hence the play on technology I mentioned earlier. He is well aware of the role played by technology in our ever decreasing attention spans, and has likened the rhythm of the album to that which you get when channel surfing (OK so the guy’s French, he’s bound to make some unusual analogies…must be a cultural thing!). Just like channel surfing, there will be those who are bored or frustrated by the album. It certainly doeasn’t grab you by the throat and demand attention. Those who have heard “Am I wrong” and are expecting a collection of the same style of tracks will also be disappointed.

It may sound like a cliche, but this album is a whole and each of its parts is unarguably unique. There are times when a track won’t be left alone for more than a few seconds without being attacked by samples, other moments are sexy and soulful – but never are there two moments the same. Therein lies the beauty of this album.

“Tempovision” is due for Australian release on January 22. If you are already a fan of French house, this is a must have. If you think you could be – this may well be the album to convince you. And if you’re the kind of person that would rather be in a Parisian discotheque than wherever you are right now – then this should be the soundtrack to your life!

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