Fabric Live 09 - Jacques Lu Cont

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Jacques Lu Cont is finally beginning to collect the respect due for his trailblazing retro production (does that work?) and DJing. Kicking off the whole electroclash thing years ago with his Les Rhythmes Digitales releases on Wall of Sound, he was probably a little ahead of his time. But if you read interviews with most of the main players of that scene, you’ll hear a hell of a lot of respect heading in JLC’s direction. With a new album about to hit the streets from his Zoot Woman alter ego, it seems as though he’s back out on the promo trail. And what better way to start than by recording a mix for London superclub Fabric’s effortlessly quality series.

Probably the most deliciously eclectic set since alternative radio hero John Peel’s a few months back, this CD features some real surprises – Steve Miller Band’s ‘Abracadabra’, the old school house of ‘House Nation’ and rocking out moments from Devo, and punked up house from some of the cooler producers around including Chicken Lips acid abandon and Lu Cont’s stateside counterpart Mirwais. The Tom Tom Club classic ‘Wordy Rappinghood’ makes a welcome appearance as does a great seque from Royskopp to ‘Sweet Dreams’ by The Eurythmics via Strauss. The finish with Junior Sanchez’ messed up house mixing into The Pixies twisted love song ‘Gouge Away’ and Brian Eno’s psych classic ‘Here Come the Warm Jets’ is pretty near inspirational!

I’ve heard way too many ‘single-sound’ mixes lately, and this is a timely, excitingly eclectic reminder that DJ mixes don’t have to tow the line. It gets all over the place, messes with tempos, beats, and most of all makes for a great party. Nice work! Bring on Zoot Woman!


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