Creamfields increases security measures

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Creamfields organisers have unveiled a host of security measures to ensure this year’s event is as safe as possible. By further increasing lighting, security and policing levels, the organisers and Police expect a further reduction in crime at this year’s event which is expected to attract over 40,000 people from across the UK.

This year’s crime reduction strategy includes a greater number of police, stewards and security officers. There will be a further 3km of fencing in place this year to prevent non-ticket holders from gaining access to the site and increased ticket checks will be in place. Increased lighting along main thoroughfares, the car parks and within the site itself will be put in place to improve visibility, higher levels of security, high visible policing plus CCTV will also be in operation on site throughout the event.

Jim King – “Cream, Liverpool City Council and Merseyside Police plan to make this year’s Creamfields the safest event to date. We saw a big drop in crime last year and are confident that we will have a further reduction at this year’s festival. Liverpool is fast becoming a major city for outdoor live music and we are sending out a clear message to event goers that Creamfields is going to be a great day out, and an even clearer message to those trying to seek access without a ticket to stay away.”

John Myles Superintenent Merseyside Police – “Merseyside Police look forward to working with our partners to ensure that ‘Creamfields’ remains one of the safest festivals in the country. High visibility Policing means that officers will be on hand throughout the event to provide, help, reassure and makesure that visitors find the event memorable for the right reasons ”

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