Seb Fontaine: leaving Radio 1 is like leaving a girlfriend

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Seb Fontaine chatted to Skrufff this week about his impending departure from Radio 1 and compared the experience to a mutual break up of a long-term romance.

“I must admit I am a little bit sad about it and there’s certainly a lump in my throat, but we’ve also parted on really good terms, there’s no animosity or bitterness,” said Seb.

“It isn’t a case of ‘you’ve been sacked, fuck off’, in fact, I’m still going to be doing Ibiza for them as well as various other projects later on. It’s sad but sad in a good way.”

“Someone said to me this week ‘leaving Radio 1 is probably the right thing for you, but you don’t like it because you didn’t make the decision and you’re used to making your own decisions’,” he added. “I think that’s the truest thing anyone has said to me in years.”

The progressive/ house/ trance DJ, who’s been hosting Radio 1’s Saturday evening 7-9pm slot for almost four years, said he’s going to be taking a break from radio broadcasting in the short term though endorsed Matt Priest’s comments last week that the timing of his departure is positive.

“If there was ever a good time for this to happen, it’s now; I’ve got a single coming out on Positiva, a huge tour of America lined up in September and October to support a mix album I’m doing and we’re also starting a record label,” said Seb.

“All these projects are already in place and about to happen so leaving Radio 1 means I can concentrate on them. So there’s nothing for me to feel miserable about, apart from the fact that I’ve loved doing the show.”

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