Madonna's market research methods

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Testing out unreleased tracks on a dance floor for crowd reaction has been an effective technique used by DJs for many years. Now Madonna has adopted the same strategy for selecting the final tracks for her latest album ‘Confessions on a Dancefloor’. Stuart Price, – the album’s producer – has explained on Madonna’s official website how he’s played her tracks without the material girl’s distinguishing vocals in clubs from Liverpool to Ibiza

“Whenever I was DJ-ing I’d take dub or instrumental versions out with me and test them at the club that night,” he said. “I had my camera with me and the next day I’d tell Madonna, ‘This is what a thousand people in Liverpool look like dancing to our song.’

While some critics are not convinced by this approach, it can be argued that it certainly isn’t anything innovative or new when it comes to market research in dance music.

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