Tonite Only, f*ck tomorrow!

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So I’ve been biting my tongue for about 6 months too long, and quite frankly the taste of blood isn’t all that appealing! So it’s official, I can’t keep a secret… but when the secret is this hot, it should be a mortal sin!

There is a new duo on the scene, a duo that was only conceived in the later half of 2005, and writing some sure-fire dance floor fillers seems to have come a little too easy for them. But who could expect any less from two of Australia’s most talented producers?

Made up of GT and Sam La More, the former should need no introduction, and the latter (for anyone out of the loop) has been making magic both here and around the world with the likes of Pnau, Darren Emerson, Gwen Stefani, the Pussycat Dolls, Robbie Williams, Gus Gus, L’More, Nelly Furtado and more.

They’re known simply as Tonite Only and have already clocked up some serious interest overseas, with many a-list celebrities (which can’t be revealed just yet!) cramming in line to get a piece of their fine production shine. Next Saturday marks their debut performance, a debut any DJ or producer would kill for, as they take the stage at the Miami Winter Music Conference at 11pm!

Their debut single ‘Danger (The Bomb)’, which has already shaken dance floors across the country is set for release on Ministry of Sound throughout Australia and the UK, and on Ultra in the US where they’re currently based. In the States they’ve already had their first remix featured on the latest single for The Veronica’s.

If you want to get in early and check this unstoppable dance floor force, click to and stay tuned to ITM for updates!

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