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The following is the complete and official response fromTrafik  Entertainment regarding Diz’Play:

First off, we would like to pass on our most sincere apologies to everyone who missed out on attending Diz’play. We do accept responsibility for what happened and we are by no means trying to walk away from that or shift the blame elsewhere. This notice is to give you an accurate account and explanation of the situational and inform ticket holders who did not receive entry to Diz’play on the course of action we are taking to rectify the situation. Whilst we accept responsibility for what happened we were also faced with a number of unusual and unfortunate circumstances which were totally out of our control. These circumstances were heavily responsible in creating the nightmare which was Sunday night.

These were:

Counterfeit tickets being soldUnexpected door lists being forced upon us by various persons who have interests in the eventPolice adhering to exact numbers of capacity. (A very uncommon event. See point #4)Certain aspects of the security and crowd control methods at the venueIncorrect supply of wrist bands to Trafik Entertainment that did not have our required security measures on them which could not be rectified due to timing of the event being on a four day long weekend.

We are sure that we will get a number of questions on all the above points and we will do our best to answer them all over time but it is vitally important for the present time that Trafik Entertainment go about working to make sure DIZ’PLAY (ROUND 2) is put together well and all disgruntled ticket holders are looked after. We will move heaven and earth to make sure by this time next week they will be accepting of the situation and feel like they have not missed out. If we can’t make them happy we will do our best to make sure they will be reimbursed financially for the purchase price of their ticket, whilst paying special attention in order to ensure they will be well looked after in the future and ensuring an identical situation will never occur again.


 01. Yes there were fake tickets, no it wasn’t 1000+ that has been thrown around, it was at the most a hundred or so that had come through the door, a sufficient quantity for suspicions to be raised that there was the possibility of more in the line out the front of Metro City. Although these tickets lacked security measures put in place by Heatseeker they were tendered at a fast pace to ensure all patrons got in quickly, and they were not detected as quickly as we would have liked.

02. Estimates from video footage are that there were about 800 people on Sunday night in the line out the front of Metro City; about 400 – 500 of those would have had tickets. Unfortunately when they were asked by Metro City staff + the police if they had tickets everyone said yes so the police advised Trafik Entertainment and Metro City that no-one else would be let in. A random spot check done by Trafik Entertainment staff in the line of about 20 people confirmed that 8 of those people had no tickets.

03. There were 410 official ticket holders that didn’t receive entry.

04. We did not expect massive door lists enforced upon us by various stakeholders in the event.

05. There are two options available for everyone who missed out:

Option 1:  A full refund will be available from the stores you purchased from. If you purchased from an “industry” seller, please e-mail huey@trafikperth.com with whom you bought the ticket off and a refund will be organised. You MUST provide your ticket as proof of purchase.

Option 2:  There will be an event on Friday night. The line up is as follows:
Resin Dogs (Live DnB Set)
Space DJz (techno set, main stage)
Rufkut and more

06. Unfortunately London Elektricity are not available to perform at this event.

07. All ticket holders who missed out on Sunday night will also receive priority access to the venue on Friday night through a separate VIP line.

08.  All People who have bought a counterfeit ticket but were unable to gain entry on Sunday night will be also given entry but not given the $25.00 refund. We know what they look like and we have a reasonable estimate of how many were done. We are hot on the trail of the person responsible. If that person was stupid enough to print any more or anyone was stupid enough to buy a non existent ticket for this week we would be very surprised.


IF YOU WISH TO ATTEND DIZPLAY (Round 2) do the following:

Attend Metro City this Friday 21st of April 2006Enter Venue through VIP line (Entry to event guaranteed)
(Metro City capacity is around 2000, there will be only be a maximum of 1300 patrons allowed in who don’t have tickets from the original Diz’play event to ensure that all ticket holders gain entry)Present ticket and receive:

1.     Entry To Venue
2.     $25.00 cash refund on your original ticket
3.     A special apology present from both Trafik Entertainment and Metro City
4.     A Trafik Entertainment membership card entitling you to discount entry on all Trafik Entertainment events for 12 months.
5.     A wicked night’s entertainment with a couple of surprises thrown in.

If you wish to get a full refund inclusive of booking fees do the following:

Take your ticket to point of purchase and swap it for a full refund. You have to take it to the actual point of purchase for a full refund. You cannot take it to an alternate outlet.

If you bought your ticket from the following please contact huey@trafikperth.com and we will organise your full refund:

Industry Sellers


If you happen to have bought a counterfeit ticket you will still be able to get a refund if you are able to supply the name and phone number of the person you purchased if from. You could only have bought a counterfeit ticket if you bought your ticket from a person whom was not an official “industry” ticket seller. Be assured this person will be investigated.

All tickets purchased from advertised outlets are legitimate




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