Ping pong clubbing - Berlin's next big thing?

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German star producer Phonique chatted to Skrufff this week and revealed that he’s so passionate about playing table tennis with fellow minimal maestro Steve Bug that he always carries a bat and ball in his car.

“We have a lot of outdoor table tennis places throughout Berlin and you find lots of people playing table tennis in the summer here,” he explained. We try and have a game after we finish record shopping.

“I also play ping pong at night-time at this very nice bar here in Berlin called Dr Pong, where they stage these games with ten people on each side,” Phonique continued.

“You have to play the ball, then run round to the other side of the table until only two people are left. We play that game regularly in a really cool underground bar, with DJs playing music. You have your bat in one hand and a beer bottle in the other and it’s really relaxed. It’s really cool,” he added.

In more Berlin club news, Moodmusic mainman Sasse chatted to Skrufff about his new album Made Within The Upper Stairs Of Heaven and confirmed that his track ‘The Sound Of High Life’ is about the ‘cocaine induced disco sound of the Berlin underground’.

“Coke is very widespread here and it’s also totally ridiculous in a way because the vibe of the party changes completely when the club is full of people on coke. It’s an ironic title,” Sasse explained.

“The party vibe is definitely different when people are happily coked up compared to being happily drunk, the vibe is more about being cool and being semi-important.

“From a DJ perspective you get the feeling that people still like to party but they don’t enjoy it so much. It can be fun for a certain amount of time but . . .  and then when you look at the after-hours scene. . .” he added,

Phonique’s Gift EP comes out on Simple Records on May 29. Sasse releases his upcoming artist album Made Within The Upper Stairs Of Heaven on Moodmusic shortly.


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