Hancock Basement playing at next Deep Throat

Image for Hancock Basement playing at next Deep Throat

No one can say no to a good deep throating. Especially if they’re this good. And it seems as though the best deep throaters in town, you know, the ones that can go all the way…down…are none other than the revellers of Canberra’s favourite clubnight Deep Throat!

After rising hardcore band Young and Restless blew us away at the last instalment (and by blew us away, I mean give us the best fucking aural oral), Deep Throat are back again with a new lineup. As always the whole indie/dance mentality is championed, this time with spunky indie darlings Hancock Basement at the helm with burgeoning band Are the Brave all Dead also strutting their stuff. They’ll be joined by Deep Throat regulars, Mikah Freeman, Radge, Ross McGrath, Vance Musgrove and Scott Fischer.

Please see the whatson for more details and stay tuned to ITM for more updates.


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