Kid 606 (USA) & Drop The Lime (USA) at the Espy

Image for Kid 606 (USA) & Drop The Lime (USA) at the Espy

The Espy has today announced two shows for Kid 606 and Drop the Lime on Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th October. Both shows will be free entry, not a bad deal for midweek IDM madness.

Kid606 originaly fom Venezuela, raised in San Diego and later moved to San Francisco. Kid606’s music is similar to the work of his friend and colleague Lesser, as well as hardcore and IDM acts such as Atari Teenage Riot, Autechre, Pan Sonic, and Matmos. It should be noted, however, that he is primarily inspired not by his electronic contemporaries, but by his love of the Industrial music, Death metal, and Industrial metal of the 1980s and 90s, particularly bands like Godflesh and Napalm Death. His music is known for its high tempo breakbeats and liberal use of noise and sampling, as well as its punk aesthetic, uninhibited genre-mixing, and irreverent sense of humor. However, he is equally adept at creating more serious tracks that often reside in the realm of ambient and glitch.

Born and raised in New York City, Drop The Lime is (Luca Venezia), an electronic music producer. Venezia grew up in New York City’s underground rave scene, drawn to the high energy of Jungle and Drum & Bass. He began performing under the alias Drop The Lime in 2003, exploding into the punk electronic scene known as Breakcore, gaining an underground audience. Drop The Lime has released numerous international singles and EP’s on labels such as Ambush, Peace Off, Broklyn Beats, Mirex, and Tigerbeat6. From Breakcore’s hyper-kinetic beats and DJ’ing heavy bass music from Grime to Baltimore Club and 4×4, DTL took a floor shattering step into a club massive sound.

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