Metrosexual man invents Sporno

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Lifestyle marketing guru Mark Simpson, who infamously coined the phrase metrosexual, has invented a new buzzword ‘sporno’ to describe the increasingly gay porn style poses adopted in pictures by sportsmen including David Beckham and the Italian national soccer team.

“In Europe and Australia, sport is the new gay porn,” he declared in a feature published in Out magazine in July (and reprinted in the New York Times this week) and predicted that his new buzzword will soon supersede metrosexual.

“It’s no longer enough for the male body to be presented to us as desirable, or desiring to be desired, as it was in the early days of metrosexuality. This doesn’t proffer an intense enough image,” he suggested.

“It’s not shocking or arousing enough any more. In fact, it’s just too . . . normal. Now the male body has to promise us an (immaculately groomed, waxed and pumped) gang-bang in the showers.”

The hugely influential writer cited Italy’s decision to pose semi-naked and oiled in their changing room for Dolce & Gabbana before the World Cup as a prime ‘homo-provocative’ ‘sporno’ shot and claimed soccer stars have even stopped kissing each other after scoring ‘to maintain the impression that they’re only gay for pay’.

The new trend is likely to alarm Bucks County Courier Times columnist JD Mullane in America, who this week launched a unilateral assault on the fast growing male cosmetics industry.

“American men are buying anti-wrinkle “serum,” skin “brighteners” and other exotic lotions to lift, firm and soften?” he asked, “No wonder we’re losing Iraq,” he moaned. (Italy in sporno action, might not be that safe for work)

Sporno (ish) Links: (‘Skirts for men, men’s mini-skirts, men’s short-skirts, men’s tennis skirts, pleated skirts, knife-pleated skirts, box-pleated skirts, boy’s skirts, skirts for boys, cheer skirts, kilts etc . . .’) (‘Cross Dressing or Transvestism can be defined as wearing clothes that our society considers belong to one gender, by members of the other gender . . .’) (Fancy dress eyelashes)

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devemeister said on the 20th Dec, 2006

This Guy is kidding if he thinks he invented Sporno. We had a Sporn party back in February, and I'm sure it's been used by plenty of other people. He's just picking up on buzzwords and using his profile to claim them as his own. Joker!!!!!