Thriller’s star-studded re-release

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It’s been 25 years since Michael Jackson’s definitive album Thriller blazed onto dancefloors, and on February 11 2008 the classic will be re-issued with input from Kanye West, and Akon.

Thriller – 25th Anniversary Edition features the original record in full, augmented by some attractive new additions. The most intriguing of these is a Kanye West version of Billie Jean, which can only be better than his take on Daft Punk’s Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. Remixes of P.Y.T. and The Girl Is Mine come courtesy of, who’s also teaming up with Akon for a new spin on Wanna Be Startin’ Something (nervous?).

Also bulking out the package are unreleased tracks, rarities (Jackson’s original demo version of Billie Jean!) and a DVD of film clips. The former King of Pop, who was recently declared normal, is even contributing a “personal greeting” for the release (more nervous?).

Pencil in February 11 people!

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djtoki said on the 3rd Dec, 2007

Sounds like he is broke again


mofunk said on the 3rd Dec, 2007

wow cannot wait to hear this! its hard to beat thriller, nothing comes close~

The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor said on the 3rd Dec, 2007

The previous album "Off The Wall" was so much better.


primus said on the 3rd Dec, 2007

gotta pay the lawyers and kiddies off somehow!


zealbee said on the 4th Dec, 2007

primus you are a clown, michael jackson is far from broke - owning most of the beatles catalogue kind of helps


mattyninethree said on the 4th Dec, 2007

damnit, i waited for britneys triumphant return to the sound of, 'gimme gimme more, gimme more etc', and ill continue to wait for MJ's new stuff. I thought this was gonna be a new album... oh well


mattyninethree said on the 4th Dec, 2007

no zealbee, he owned [past tense] the rights to the beetles music. But because he bassicly owed his record company [sony i think] so much money they pretty much taken what they wanted, including rights to the beetles, in exchange for him to not be poor.


dj-adz said on the 4th Dec, 2007

Saw him live in concert back in 97, unbelievable. Love to see a come back!