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Soon to be absolutely massive, uber-hip British producer Joshua ‘Herve’ Harvey chatted to Skrufff this week about his recent decision to make dirty house tracks based on Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Survivor’s Eye Of The Tiger, stressing he’s unconcerned about ‘losing his cool’.

“Oh good god, who gives a fuck about that shit? I do what the fuck I like, and that’s why I stuck with making music in some ways, to do what I like all the time,” said Herve. “I’ve also done boring underground records in the past too but I have an imagination and I like to flex it. Do you know what’s really cool? Working hard playing hard and being good to each other, that’s what I think is cool,” he said.

Continuing to work closely with long time production pals Switch, Trevor Loveys (as Speaker Junk) and Seba (as Dead Soul Brothers), he also records with Sinden (as Count Of Monte Cristal), and in proto 90s rave revivalists the Loungin’ Kollectiv, though stressed he’s by no means pursuing anonymity. “I think image is more important than it used to be in dance music,” he suggested. “If you wanna’ sell records and get good gigs, people need to know who you are.”

The 27 year old Brit also admitted to having a few metrosexual tendencies (‘I’ve never worn eyeliner, though I do use moisturiser; for men, they seem to call it “re-hydration”’, he laughed) though revealed his background growing up in notoriously violent county of Essex means he’s equally no stranger to violence. “I was around loads of fighting at the pubs but I was never really involved,” said Herve. “I don’t look for violence and that normally helps to keep you out of trouble and I’m also 6”4’ (193cm) with three brothers the same size or bigger. People just left us alone, which suited me fine.”


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kone said on the 11th Dec, 2007

herve is sooooo cool, wanna see him soon.


nadz85 said on the 11th Dec, 2007

his beats are dope, especially cheap thrills, and his remixes of work it out, ice cream, love ya