Last chance to RSVP for ITM Christmas Party!

Image for Last chance to RSVP for ITM Christmas Party!

Wanna come and party on with the inthemix community this weekend? We’ll be celebrating the silly season in style and the RSVP for this free event closes on Thursday night, so hop to it. Check below for set times.

The line up will include Slater Hogan from the US, as well as Mike Calendar, Dave Pham and Ragga. The ‘up n’ comers’ as chosen by the ITM community will be Mike Jules, and it’s absolutely free for any ITMers who RSVP and arrive before 1am! Jeez we spoil you lot.

Haven’t RSVPd yet? Get to it now by clicking HERE and we’ll see you all on Friday night for some fun-filled shenanigans! Check out set times below…

9.00-10.30: Mike Jules (ITM up-and-comer)
10.30-12.00: Mike Callander
12.00-1.30: Ragga
1.30-3.30: Slater Hogan (USA)
3.30-close: Dave Pham

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