Tech-Phonics, the new bi-monthly techno party for Adelaide

Image for Tech-Phonics, the new bi-monthly techno party for Adelaide

Techno has been a bit of touchy genre in Adelaide. There are many people who love the sound, yet don’t go out to the events to support it. There have been techno nights in the past that simply haven’t pulled the numbers suspected. But why? Maybe it’s the demographic of people that are into techno simply don’t go out much… All we can say is that it looks like the boys behind Tech-Phonics may have it cracked. There has been much hype over the launch of Tech-Phonics to date, so it’s shaping up to be a successful night!

The bi-monthly events are about arses wiggling, not chins stroking, as well as bringing together the artists, friends and people behind the music to create an atmosphere that techno fans have been longing for. Tech-Phonics is hoping to help Adelaide reassert its reputation as being at the foreground of musical progression. Tech-Phonics 1.0 comes to the Crown & Sceptre on the 29th of December for a debut shindig. Opening for Tech-Phonics this month is Adelaide live act Amoeba. There’ll also be sets from residents Jorge Watts and Lachy Pender, as well as special guests Mal Chia and Steve Culgan.

For more info check out ITM Whatson.

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