Klaxons and Rihanna under a nu-rave Umbrella

Image for Klaxons and Rihanna under a nu-rave Umbrella

Only weeks after Daft Punk’s scintillating cameo alongside Kanye West at the Grammys, another one-off collaboration spiced up proceedings at last night’s Brit Awards. Taking the stage in a wash of lasers, Klaxons and Rihanna performed a mash-up of Golden Skans and Umbrella.

Earlier this month, Klaxons keyboardist James Righton told NME.com the hook-up was a match made in pop heaven. “It’ll blow every other live performance away,” he enthused. “It’s pretty epic. We’re all really excited about it.”

In less jubilant news, Klaxons lost out in the Best Live Act category to none other than – wait for it – Take That. Would this performance have the judges ruing their decision? You decide…


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i_have_ADD said on the 21st Feb, 2008



dankobiaka said on the 21st Feb, 2008

cool collaboration.... amazing lights. rihanna is smoking hot.


singstar said on the 21st Feb, 2008

love it.. too bad she wasnt more original with the meoldy but still great! Love the lights effects too!


itisa11fun said on the 22nd Feb, 2008

lite were sic good show


Yasoda said on the 22nd Feb, 2008

wow so glad i didn't see this. Love(d) the klaxons. hate rihanna. umberella = most annoying song ever


mrmattyj said on the 22nd Feb, 2008

Seriously, who are we kidding? that was shit. lights were amazing though, ONLY good bit. klaxons are good but hmmm i was expecting something better maybe S.O.S vs Atlantisto interzone, THAT would be good


miss_lauren said on the 22nd Feb, 2008

There was so little klaxons in that!! It was like they were a backing track/band to her. I'm sure there's many kiddies out there who had no idea who they were and assumed it was Rhianna's backup band. That makes me sad, the Klaxons put on an amazing li


leigh_roy said on the 24th Feb, 2008

The pyramid has never been done before...

this is samuel

this is samuel said on the 25th Feb, 2008

damn copyright i wanna see it again