Melbourne; SOS are ready to blow your mind

Image for Melbourne; SOS are ready to blow your mind

Sex On Substance (SOS)... just who are they exactly? SOS are the uber-cool DJ alliance comprised of Londoners Demi, Desyn Masiello and Omid16B. A trio of friends who brought together their rich musical heritage to create a show that has more layers than an onion.

Individually, Demi, Desyn and Omid have already excelled in the realms of electronic music, but sometimes three heads beat one. Six hands are better then two, after all. And wait until you see their club set-up! This weekend will be your one chance to catch this innovative trio as they show you the future in live remixing, personal edits and the art of DJing.

Catch them at Brown Alley on Saturday 12th April thanks to The Likes of You. Be sure to also check out their Balance triple album, which was released on Monday 31st March – it’s pure quality!

Presale tickets are $25+bf available now from ITM, or more on the door. In the meantime, check them out on YouTube below:

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