Eminem sued for strip club smackdown

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That Marshall Mathers just can’t catch a break these days. First he’s ousted as an overweight recluse, and now he’s being sued for allegedly assaulting a man in a Detroit strip club bathroom…two years ago. Despite not filing charges at the time of the incident (obviously biding his time till Eminem started earning again), the ‘victim’ Miad Jarbou is now seeking US$25,000 in damages from the rapper.

The scuffle apparently went down at Cheetah’s On The Strip Gentlemen’s Club on Eight Mile Road (yeah, the one from the movie). Jarbou claims he was in the bathroom with a friend, who got all in a lather upon seeing Eminem stroll into the little boys’ room. The man-mountain escorting the real Slim Shady didn’t take kindly to such fan-boy fervour, telling Jarbou’s friend to “Shut the fuck up”. When Jarbou tried to diffuse the tension, Eminem clocked him in the head and quickly scuffled off.

Jarbou may have timed his lawsuit well – Eminem is reportedly off the couch and in the studio working on new material.


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realkirill said on the 8th Jul, 2008

i always get so excited when i see an eminem article, and as usual im dissapointed.... who gives a shit some dude is always trying to sue him... ah well peave out Em love you!!! i dont care that your fat ! ( i havent seen arecent pic in the past few year


Spekman said on the 9th Jul, 2008

haha "peave out Em" well done realkirill....