Coldcut & Jade Jagger play 'world's first eco club'

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London property magnate Andrew Charalambous has launched ‘the world’s first ecological nightclub in Kings Cross, Surya, inviting Jade Jagger and Coldcut onto the decks for the opening night. The Pentonville Road club’s centerpiece is a dance-floor which harnesses the dancing motion of clubbers’ steps, though has also distinguished itself with a sermon style manifesto urging clubbers to actively fight against global warming.

“Clubbing remains one of the few areas of society untouched by the green message,” the press release declares. “All this is about to change. Dr. Earth (the club’s mascot?) plans to launch the world’s first eco-disco and unveil a 10 point manifesto for all club owners and promoters across the world to adopt and do their bit, however small, towards saving the planet,” they vow.

Club owner Andrew Charalambous pushed the same theme in the Daily Mail last month, though for his efforts was outed as a Conservative party supporting multi-millionaire who owns over a thousand additional properties in North London. “This is a new way to draw in the young generation; it’s a sexy and fresh approach as opposed to the way young people feel they are preached to by other more ‘grown-up’ charities,” he told the tabloid. “Our aim in opening the country’s first ecological club is to get as many people as possible involved in saving their world.”

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mashedman said on the 14th Jul, 2008

Dr. Earth is apparently what Andrew Charalambous is know as


scottyk82 said on the 15th Jul, 2008

green...? does that mean free doobie snacks in the shitters?