Yoji & Scot Project's Australian exclusive

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It’s that time of the year again… with KillRockStar Entertainment set to deliver another stellar line-up for Pharmacy on Friday 19th September. Described by many as a religious experience, Pharmacy’s unique brand of “ground breakin, finger bangin, trademark infringin, body jackin good times” has seen the Melbourne brand spread like a virus, becoming arguably Australia’s number one home-grown trance brand.

For their 8th birthday Pharmacy will celebrate in fine style with a once in a lifetime (and Australian exclusive!) performance, as the godfather Scot Project and the enigmatic Yoji prepare for the ultimate showdown. Joining them will be Marcel Woods and Isaac of the Netherlands, Italy’s Tatanka, UK’s John Askew and RE:WARD, plus big local favourites LCK and Hellraiser will go b2b for a Pharmacy classic morning set, and Trent McDermott b2b with Dr Willis. This will be one darkly delicious night!

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JoshyBoy said on the 1st Aug, 2008

this will be the best one yet!!! yoji and scot project are hardstyle killers!!!!!!!!!


SuperDooper said on the 4th Aug, 2008

Hmmm i dunno bout the best one yet!!! Theres always time for Scot Project, and i most def welcome back Isaac...bout time he was flown back down, and if Tatanka is anything like he was at Grindhouse, We have an intense night on our hands!! HAHA. But i do n