Stereosonic Melbourne line-up revealed

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It’s the news we’ve all been waiting for with baited breath; the details of the first ever Stereosonic national tour. After its successful Melbourne launch in 2007, the show is being taken on the road in 2008 to give Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth a taste as well.

Stereosonic sees Hardware Corporation and onelove joining forces to serve up a festival of epic proportions, proudly presented by inthemix. It covers the entire spectrum of dance and electronic music, even spilling over into indie, so there’s lots to get excited about!

As revealed on ITM over the preceding weeks Booka Shade, Carl Cox, Paul van Dyk and Crookers were all locked in, but now the full list of artists for the tour has been revealed. Stereosonic hits the Royal Melbourne Showgrounds on Saturday November 29th, and the party runs midday to 10pm.

Stereosonic Melbourne lineup – presented by onelove, Hardware, inthemix, Channel [v] and Nova:

Paul van Dyk
Carl Cox
Booka Shade (live)
Infected Mushroom (live)
The Crookers
Vitalic (live)
Kaz James (live)
Japanese Popstars (live)
DJ Hell
TV Rock
Infusion (live)
Tommie Sunshine
DJ Funk
Don Diablo
Devlin and Darko
Dave Nada
Andy Murphy
Mr Maqs
John Course
& more to be announced!

Stereosonic national tour dates:

> Sat Nov 22nd – Brisbane, RNA Showgrounds
> Sat Nov 29th – Melbourne, Royal Melbourne Showgrounds
> Sat Nov 29th – Adelaide, Bonython Park
> Sun Nov 30th – Perth, Claremont Showgrounds
> Sydney announcement coming this week!

Stay tuned to ITM for ticketing details, and also keep your eyes glued to our Stereosonic festival page all the latest info.

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bluepeople said on the 3rd Sep, 2008

with line ups around at the moment and if you take van dyke out this is pathetic as the linbe up at you local club or pub. shame on you stero


mikewebster said on the 3rd Sep, 2008

Infected Mushroom live! Awesome! Infusion as well!? Too bloody awesome!


sanejane said on the 3rd Sep, 2008

paul van dyk! infected mushroom! dj hell! vitalic! amazing


bluepeople said on the 3rd Sep, 2008

sht you guys will get exited at anything wont you


ozio said on the 3rd Sep, 2008

better then last years by a mile. oh and bluepeople you got no clue


transdoubt said on the 3rd Sep, 2008

awesome line up, infected! fark yeh!


feel_the_beat said on the 3rd Sep, 2008

booka, infusiion, mushroom YEAH!!!!


spazzy99 said on the 3rd Sep, 2008

WHY didn't Meblourne get Giuseppe Ottaviani (live)? People in Brisbane probably have no idea who he is anyways!


ejap said on the 3rd Sep, 2008

i agree with bluepeople! its SHIT! only Van Dyk is worth seeing for... GLobal Gathering is soooo much better than this teenny boppy thing!


ejap said on the 3rd Sep, 2008

i agree with bluepeople...its CRAP! global gatherin is so much better


cletus1985 said on the 3rd Sep, 2008

ill get excited about PVD and Carl Cox for sure!!! lol @ ejap global gathering soooooooooooo much better? my bikes sooooooooo much better than yours...soooooooo much lol


Kat_in_Japan said on the 3rd Sep, 2008

It clashes with Earthcore. :-(


eddiemc said on the 3rd Sep, 2008

Great lineup. Well done the list is great. Just hope I can see Crookers, Bookers, Carl, pvd, Vitalic and Dave Nada without them being on the same time! GREAT JOB WELL DONE STEREOSONIC


bluepeople said on the 3rd Sep, 2008

ozio, ive got no clue. this lineup here is pathetic compared with anything at the moment. van dyke will rock if he woke up on the right side of the end. cox always rocks..... but is still only carl cox. booke is pathetic live and the rest you can see at a


eddiemc said on the 3rd Sep, 2008

Bluepeople you are a moron! Crookers are the biggest thing right now. Booka Shade and Justice were the best live shows of last year. Carl - excellent. PVD - legend. DJ Hell - OMFG! Vitalic at Big Day Out was insane. What crack are you smokin?


shanes2007 said on the 3rd Sep, 2008

infected mushroom? wtf.... stereosonic was such a housy/ectro event last year now this year its falling into the trance state....


paulonpatrol said on the 3rd Sep, 2008

bluepeople what nonsense these are all world class acts! best lineup in a long time and well worth $85 top stuff! Shits on GG

Dance for me

Dance for me said on the 4th Sep, 2008

this is quite impressive compared to GG. GG encompasses nothing but big name trance/psychadelic acts. It is suppose to be a dence festival appealling to the tastes of many!!! Stereosonic does this hard house, electro, trance, mainstream! it has it. it wi


blammo said on the 4th Sep, 2008



blammo said on the 4th Sep, 2008

pity about the other acts though. sideshows?


chadm87 said on the 4th Sep, 2008

ah crap! too bad i got earthcore X-D


Blinky-Live- said on the 4th Sep, 2008



moustache said on the 4th Sep, 2008

any idea if giuseppe will be playing something else in melbourne seeing as he will be in australia for the brisbane stereo??? an intimate club would be much better than stereosonic


emily2202 said on the 4th Sep, 2008

yay for the line up finally :) hey all i'll be promoting stereosonic in melbourne this year! $85 each ticket: email with your full name, mobile and how many you'd like and i'll hold some for ya :)


likeno1onearth said on the 4th Sep, 2008

why no guiseppi for melbourne ????


sanejane said on the 4th Sep, 2008

Excellent lineup me and my 10 friends are IN!!!


bluepeople said on the 4th Sep, 2008

i stand by my comment of this fest is lame lame lame. inthemix was taking about fest overload some time ago and this festival is what there talking about. were just wacking together the shtest line ups with a decent headliner and idiots like you are cream


em_bem said on the 4th Sep, 2008

How can Melb and Adelaide be on the same day?


qantasq said on the 4th Sep, 2008

Paul Van Dyk..... :D should be good right!!!!!!!!!!!


cooperbrown said on the 4th Sep, 2008

That is a god awful line-up...God awful.

Pat Ward

Pat Ward said on the 4th Sep, 2008

wow, so much hate, the people whining just dont have any friends to go with obviously,dont worry, ill be sure to post some you tube videos for you so you dont have to leave your computer chair, this line ups a cracker, compared with the number Global Gat


Bandejos07 said on the 7th Sep, 2008

i can't believe dj funk hasnt been mentioned here. he is rad.


fkn_ace said on the 12th Sep, 2008

I'm from brisvegas and yay we get Giuseppe Ottaviani but no PvD or mushroom on our bill. I guess that's the joy of living in a smaller city. still a decent lineup though.


heaney said on the 1st Oct, 2008

fark yeh bring on PVD and guisseppe for Sydney! this is gonna be great!