Sam Sparro pulls out for Lindsay Lohan

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England’s V Festival was held to much acclaim last month, but there’s one question that was never quite answered: why did singer Sam Sparro cancel his appearances there at the very last minute? UK newspaper The Sun reckon they’ve got the bottom of the issue, they say that Sam Sparro pulled out of the festival so he could “hang out” with Lindsay Lohan.

Sparro was working on song ideas for Lohan’s new album, and they weren’t finished – so he made the decision to stay in America and cancel the gigs. “I don’t think they were that happy about it,” he says. “It’s hard to keep everybody happy though. There are a lot of people to please in this job and sometimes you have to make decisions which are best for yourself.”

If you’re intrigued to hear what the musical love-child of Sparro and Lohan would be, don’t hold your breath. “It’s on hold for a bit because we’re both so busy,” he says. “She’s doing some acting stuff in New York and I’m on tour. We both really want to work together. It’s just a matter of finding the time and the place to do it. Watch this space!”

Check out this clip of Lohan’s earlier attempt to break into music…

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BMoney said on the 19th Sep, 2008

Is he Corey Delaney's older brother???


chestylaru said on the 19th Sep, 2008

Hope the guesses from the clues for good vibrations are correct with this douche bag headlining


jgillot said on the 19th Sep, 2008

hahahahaha that video is hilarious, i dno which is worse, the video or the song


mashedman said on the 20th Sep, 2008

best headline for a while