Oakenfold behind Grooverider's rescue?

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Mixmag have suggested Paul Oakenfold may have persuaded Dubai authorities to pardon Grooverider, a claim the superstar DJ appeared to implicitly confirm when quizzed by the British dance magazine. “I don’t think I was completely responsible but I did make a few phone calls,” Oakenfold admitted. “I phoned a friend of mine who is the nephew of one of the Queen’s in the United Arab Emirates. He said he’d see what he could do.”

Grooverider received remarkably similar treatment to the majority of non-celebrity foreign drug offenders locked up in Dubai many of whom are released early in regular mass royal pardons. Dubai newspaper Arab News reported earlier this year that 11 out 12 anonymous French citizens busted for drug use were pardoned less than 12 months into their 4 year sentences, the same rough period Grooverider ended up being locked up.

The notable exception to the rule remains US hip hop star Dallas Austin who was caught with cocaine at the airport in 2006 as he flew in to attend a party thrown by Naomi Campbell. Austin was pardoned on the very same day he was sentenced to four years following high level lobbying by US senators and pop icons Lionel Richie and Qiuncy Jones.


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nickgalea said on the 24th Oct, 2008

Mark James if you are reading this....YOU NEED TO BRING THIS MAN TO AUSTRALIA. Oakenfold is a classic. Get him here before he really gets on.


matzta73 said on the 24th Oct, 2008

I agree with nickgalea, get Oakie over here somehow......


SlicyDicer said on the 24th Oct, 2008

Do drugs? Just become friends with a DJ and you'll be let of scot free


nojman said on the 24th Oct, 2008

I'm assuming you mean so he can save Corby AND the Nine....surely not for the tunes.... :P


trancejunkii said on the 25th Oct, 2008



nickgalea said on the 27th Oct, 2008

Bullet in the gun....classic