Jay-Z samples Santogold for B.I.G. biopic

Image for Jay-Z samples Santogold for B.I.G. biopic

Undoubtedly one of the standout cross-over artists to break through in 2008, Santogold has won herself many fans since the release of her self-titled debut earlier this year. Collabs with Diplo and Mark Ronson, arena tours with Coldplay, stoushes with washed up infomercial hosts... it’s been a busy few months to say the least.

Heading down under for her hotly anticipated debut Australian tour later this month, Santogold has now found herself immortalized in a track by one of hip hop’s most iconic artists; Jay-Z. The refrain from her track Shove It used by Jigga in Brooklyn (We Go Hard), a song he’s contributd to the soundtrack for the new Biggie Smalls biopic Notorious.

You can hear it for yourself below:


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Benis said on the 3rd Dec, 2008

Jay z's penis is aparently the size of a pepsi bottle! 1.25 or 2L


cheechvda said on the 3rd Dec, 2008

cant wait for the movie