ITM Exclusive: Etienne De Crecy slams copycat Killers

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Back in November, ITM drew attention to a crafty bit of copycatting by Las Vegas chart-toppers The Killers. The band took to the stage at The MTV Europe Music Awards in a stage set-up remarkably similar to Future Music Festival headliner Etienne De Crecy’s famous ‘Cube’. Our story sparked some heated discussion, and it seems ITMers weren’t the only ones miffed by the eerie likeness. We spoke recently to De Crecy about his much-anticipated Australian tour, and he has a serious bone to pick with The Killers.

“I’m really upset,” he fumed to ITM. “MTV asked us for the right to use our Cube for The Killers. They asked Exyzt, the architects. They asked to do Etienne’s Cube, without Etienne. Exyzt said no, we can’t do that. MTV said, ‘We can say the Cube is from Etienne and Exyzt ’, but we said, ‘No way’. But then they went ahead and did it. It’s really unfair. We’re starting to… take action. They are really stupid, you know?”

On top of that, De Crecy believes The Killers performance misrepresented The Cube concept. “I’m the one who developed The Cube and they come and show that to millions of people before me. Their Cube is ugly! But you are copied when you’re good…”

Of course, there are two sides to every story. We also had Ronnie Vannucci Jr. from The Killers on the phone recently, and he conceded the set-up was a rip-off… Just not of Etienne. “We can’t take all the credit for it, because it was someone else’s idea,” he said. “It was basically these two German guys who did an adaption of the idea: America used to have a TV show called Hollywood Squares … I was in the Joan Rivers square, the one off to the right.”

Hollywood Squares or not, there’s one pissed-off Frenchman out there with a burning grudge…

The Killers and Etienne De Crecy facing off in court? Stay tuned to ITM for updates!

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marisa jade

marisa jade said on the 31st Dec, 2008

get over it omg. how old are these people


Mikey-86 said on the 31st Dec, 2008

have a look at it on youtube....its freakingly similar!.. well as some wise man once said "imitation is the greatest form of flattery".....i guess?


lufflyness said on the 1st Jan, 2009

I understood the Killers visual concept better than Etienne de Crecy's. The Killers seemed to simulating a sound system that was connecting it with human life (the base pulses turning into heart beats, the vital signs which are seen in music to measure pi


yani_s said on the 3rd Jan, 2009

Mainstream rock always copy electro image, first this then Good Charlottes Greatest Hits album stealing the Boys Noize logo for their album cover. God they're shit cunts


dazza_b said on the 3rd Jan, 2009

Since when does anything the killers do matter, pop rock hacks trying to get on the electronic bandwagon, wow not many of them around


Marky said on the 5th Jan, 2009

I'd seen those squares years ago - in the opening titles for the Brady Bunch.


kalkass said on the 6th Jan, 2009

Will Etienne Be using 'the cube' at FMF in Melbs?


sirklefish said on the 12th Jan, 2009

its a simple case of record companies and large organisations doing anything they can to make the most out of their investment. you think MTV actually cares that they totally unfairly ripped off one artist to benefit another? no matter what anyone says, t


brenly said on the 24th Feb, 2009

hahahaha to yani!!! what a douche. mate... how many times have you heard remixes... and SHIT remixes at that of electro dj's remixing rock songs. what planet are you on??? if anyone is copying it is dj's copying from rock bands. they use samples, bass lin