Lord Mayor calls for QBH's closure

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Melbourne’s Lord Mayor Robert Doyle has called for troubled nightclub QBH/Queensbridge Hotel to close its doors permanently following another violent incident. The Age report that 23 people – including both patrons and security guards – were injured on Saturday night after a large brawl erupted outside the embattled inner-city venue.

The latest controversy comes in the wake of several shocking incidents at QBH over the past few years, including two deaths as a result of violent attacks at the venue. “If we have tried everything else and we are still getting these outbreaks of violence and unacceptable behaviour in our city then my view is, we shut the venue down,” the Lord Mayor told ABC Radio.

Police had met with management of the venue to discuss violence several times in the past, however the latest occurrence may prove to be the final straw. “I think we need to work with that venue operator to say to them look, we’ve now had deaths there, we’ve now had another incident of violence, is it the number of patrons?” said Councilor Doyle.

“Is it the way they are alcohol-affected? Is it that the security is not being proactive enough inside the venue? Here we’ve got something, where we can look at an incident and say ‘is this the problem with the venue itself?’.”


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ferryjunky09 said on the 23rd Mar, 2009

this is bullshit.. its not the venues fault. its the people that cause the trouble get them and u wont have the problem


barkus said on the 23rd Mar, 2009

forum here:http://www.inthemix.com.au/forum/showthread.php?t=247043


brenly said on the 23rd Mar, 2009

^ agreed. obviously u get shit bouncers using their power for evil... but there are SOOO many WANKERS causing trouble these days all around the city. if qbh is closed... the events that were usually held there will move else where... along with the wanker

Spiro De Fiero

Spiro De Fiero said on the 23rd Mar, 2009

WAAAY harsher penalties for the fckwts that are causing the trouble I say. Then maybe the rest of us can keep partying...


original21 said on the 23rd Mar, 2009

Big venues need mass marketing (by the venue or promoter). Mass marketing brings bad crowds. Bad crowds cause incidents. The venue's size, coupled by who it employs as promoters is its downfall


trippa323 said on the 23rd Mar, 2009

Agreed in Melbourne it's the people that are causing the trouble, I don't feel as safe in the city at night as I used to, it's not so much the venue. When QBH has smaller crowds I think it can be really fun


marcusjk said on the 23rd Mar, 2009

in a way. i think it is the venues fault. my opinion is the club is so big that the promoter have to let anyone they can get to fill the place n make a profit, therefore heaps of dikhead and as a result heaps of fights. Just my opinion I could be wrong.


Anja said on the 23rd Mar, 2009

Don't blame the venue, blame the scumbags that throw the punches and glasses. It's a great venue that has held many normal peaceful nights, especially for one-off events like Kabuki, Monkey. Banning ethnic based nights instead would be great idea!


Spicy said on the 24th Mar, 2009

my gawd, robert doyle is such a wankstain! why was he elected? WHY!?!