ITM Exclusive: Godskitchen Boombox coming to Australia in 2009!

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Earlier this week we ran a story on global clubbing megalith Godskitchen debuting their latest stage setup – dubbed the Boombox – at an event in the Ukraine. It prompted us to put our reporter’s cap on and do a bit of sleuthing as we were keen to find out if the Boombox was a one-off thing, or if it would be popping up anywhere else in Europe this summer.

No sooner had we started our search for answers and we tracked down details of the Boombox’s upcoming appearance at Global Gathering in the UK this July, with Armin van Buuren and David Guetta set to appear inside the mighty structure. With Global Gathering set to return to Australia later this year, what were the chances the Boombox might also make it down under?

We went straight to the top, asking Mark James of Future Entertainment – promoter of the annual Godskitchen arena tour and Global Gathering festival – to see if they had any plans of touring the Boombox. “Yes, we are looking at bringing the concept out on,” Mark revealed to inthemix. “Either for Godskitchen and/or Global Gathering later in the year.”

Yowsers indeed! The Boombox was in planning for over a year before it made its debut recently at a sold out 16,000 capacity Godskitchen event in the Ukraine. It was designed by noted Parisian collective Exyzt and is 16 metres wide, 8 metres high and 6 metres deep. Check out the link below to see photos of the Boombox in action!

> Godskitchen Boombox in full flight

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howzitgarn said on the 27th Mar, 2009

put it in the dome and i will sackwhack you


narcism said on the 27th Mar, 2009

global gathering returning LULZ


JLGurn said on the 27th Mar, 2009

this would b awesome if it does make it 2 australia


mattpolo8 said on the 27th Mar, 2009

argh. stop reminding me we have 2 massive and fantastic music festivals to look forward to. hurry up november for global!

Matthew de Groot

Matthew de Groot said on the 27th Mar, 2009

Is it just me, or this it just a big projector screen with the DJ standing in the middle?


DJCygnify said on the 27th Mar, 2009

I have about an hour of footage of this thing in action. Let me just say puts crecy's cube to shame.


ltsmash13 said on the 27th Mar, 2009

etienne de crecy eat your heart out!


tranceboy2009 said on the 27th Mar, 2009

lol well if its used at gods then R.I.P godskitchen as this is cheap crap. the one at future although on a smaller scale is still the same thing and is crap and go so boring after 5 mins and i cannot see anyone lookingat this for 9 hours . looks good on y


cozza147 said on the 27th Mar, 2009

cant see this workin in perth the usual venue of metro city would clearly not house that and i dont think they would be able to sell out a bigger venue


cozza147 said on the 27th Mar, 2009

hahaha wait sori i take that back i shoodve read the article before posting my view. it would work at a festival


matzta73 said on the 27th Mar, 2009

Bring on the Fox Studios Entertainment Quater to host both events.


kittykat83 said on the 27th Mar, 2009

looks Awesome, hope it comes


Nusiot said on the 27th Mar, 2009

PFFTTT Godksitchen..1!! my ass. Do we not all remember what happen in October at the white angel party @ hombush.. ABSOLUTE disaster...... no way me or my friends r going!


Kiron said on the 28th Mar, 2009

I dare say Godskitchen is dead for Sydneyas last year was a complete and utter disaster with people bailing inmass only a few hours in, but It would be cool to see this in Melbourne.


marcusjk said on the 28th Mar, 2009

Fuk global gathering, just bring it to godskitchen


richi2289 said on the 29th Mar, 2009

COZZA147 your such a fukin idiot


bussyboy said on the 29th Mar, 2009

Pics look good, but really, this "technology" is nothing but some scaffolding, some sheets, and a couple of LCD projectors.... I'd rather se a massive LED-videowall to be honest.


myb1dy said on the 29th Mar, 2009



jaymes138 said on the 29th Mar, 2009 - that is soooooo wicked


svenbooka said on the 29th Mar, 2009

its good, but i think people will get sick of this quickly the dj will be so far away from the punters


Jefferson said on the 29th Mar, 2009

big deal. i dont see wat the fuss is about. def goin but


DTrancer said on the 31st Mar, 2009

will de crecy sue for infringement of copyright? poor guy, first the killers rips his cube off and now this... bring it on for global gathering! gods kitchen can piss off for all i care it was shit last yr!


conformist01 said on the 7th May, 2009

its just an up-scaled rip off of etienne de crecy's cube


jinx-blood said on the 10th May, 2009

mmm its not really THAT impressive... I mean the setup for godskitchen melbourne 07 was WAY bigger and WAY more intricate... this to me looks like scaffolding with bedsheets draped on it... use it at global and plz plz plz out-do last years set for gods..