inthemix's April Fool's Day joke revealed

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Did you see the story about Goodwill’s plans to tour a new ‘submersive audiovisual environment’ stage show dubbed The Circle early today? A few thousand people did, and more than a couple were up in arms over the concept. Now that the clock has struck midday it’s time we revealed it was all a joke. Happy April Fool’s Day!

Borrowing heavily from Daft Punk’s pyramid and Etienne De Crecy’s cube concept, the news story certainly got ITMers talking. “For some reason I just have an image of Goodwill up in front of the decks with a hula hoop…” imagined one reader. “Surely they could have called it something a little more creative.” Another debated whether The Circle would actually prove effective in the live environment. “A sphere in the middle of the [Boiler Room] would be sweet. Circle just doesn’t cut it.”

Others seemed almost outraged by the announcement, clearly taken aback by Goodwill’s audacity as aping the work of European artists. “‘Will fit into most DJ booths’ just how small is this thing?” raged one ITMer. “Just imagine [Daft] Punk or [Etienne] de Crecy fitting their Pyramid/Cube into a booth. I bet it’s a 2.5 meter diameter circular projector screen with a hole in the middle (for his head). Sounds like a case of ‘Me Too!’”

With all the hype and interest over bombastic staging setups by the likes of Etienne De Crecy and more recently global clubbing brand Godskitchen, the joke certainly came at the right time. Of course Goodwill was in on it all along, as were the promoters who offered quotes. “I love a good April Fool’s Day joke and I was glad inthemix wanted in on it!” Goodwill said. “Thanks also to the promoters for risking their reputations by backing up my ridiculous idea.”

Three cheers to everyone for being such good sports. We’ll see you again on April 1st, 2010!

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Alistair said on the 1st Apr, 2009

WOW that was hilarious! So controversial!


timbi said on the 1st Apr, 2009

if it had been a less cheese filled DJ then maybe it wouldn't be believable, but for some reason Goodwill playing inside a small circle doesn't seem unfathomable... would match his music perfectly. well played ITM.

the elektro kitten

the elektro kitten said on the 1st Apr, 2009

lol! i was wondering what the hell that was about!!!

Matthew de Groot

Matthew de Groot said on the 1st Apr, 2009

You dirty fuckers! Thanks for quoting my comment but.

Matthew de Groot

Matthew de Groot said on the 1st Apr, 2009

Buy the way, if you want to see a real circle/sphere setup watch this


TysanKlai said on the 1st Apr, 2009

Haha i got quoted! Tysan 1exp. Still a sphere in the middile of the Boiler Room would be sweet..... Probably better suited to a Duo tho Well played ITM lol


jbgillet said on the 1st Apr, 2009

haha, i wish i had actually bothered to open and read the article..


GrEnNo said on the 1st Apr, 2009

lol, i feel like a noob


filou said on the 1st Apr, 2009

a better joke would have been something about eric prydz


kingee said on the 2nd Apr, 2009

PRICELESS !!!! Well done boys....


j_erbrederis said on the 4th Apr, 2009

A real strip poker tournament started out as an April Fools day hoax....