ITM's Trance Energy DJ mixes showcase

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Looking for a way to pass the time between now and next week when Trance Energy hits Australian shores? We’ve got the perfect place for you while away hours with our collection of exclusive Trance Energy DJ mixes.

We’ve compiled a showcase of DJ sets from many of the lineup’s biggest names, including Sander Van Doorn, Marco V, Judge Jules, Sied Van Riel, Agnelli & Nelson and more. Be sure to check out Tydi’s mix, recorded live at Trance Energy in Holland earlier this month. Start the count down!

inthemix’s Trance Energy DJ mixes showcase

> Sander Van Doorn – February 2009 Mix
> Marco V – January 2009 Mix
> Judge Jules – January 2009 Mix
> Sied Van Riel – Guest Mix
> Agnelli & Nelson – February 2009 Mix
> Tydi – Live at Trance Energy, Holland
> Trent McDermott – Memories Of A Podcast 006

For more Trance Energy coverage head to inthemix’s festival page, with interviews, news updates, videos and photo galleries.

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X_CAND_EE said on the 2nd Apr, 2009

I'm in the US(California). How I wish I could be there!!!! Please all in attendance party for me a s well please. Thank you. P.L.U.R. (peace love unity respect) ; ); ) ; ) ;) ;0 ;x ;o ;x


webigh86 said on the 2nd Apr, 2009

Perfect just what i needed. 7 Sleeps!


kittykat83 said on the 2nd Apr, 2009

CAnt wait!! these wont play whilst im at work :( boooo

Brad Lee

Brad Lee said on the 3rd Apr, 2009

Listening to Agnelli and Nelson now...EPIC!!


turkman said on the 3rd Apr, 2009

Judge Jules' set is pretty shit, tracklist is all over the place.