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Never before has the rumour mill spun as feverishly in anticipation of a line-up announcement as it has done for Splendour in the Grass 2009. With only three months to go until the biggest bash of winter returns for its ninth year, we finally have the official word.

Jane’s Addiction are the ultimate purveyors of sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. When they disbanded in 2003 for the second time in their tumultuous history, no one expected to see them play live again – let alone reform with their original line-up. Get ready for all the safari suit, red wine swilling, Dave Nevaro posturing you could possible handle, because the original four egos will be landing in Byron come July.

Hot of the back of their much-hyped third album Intimacy, Bloc Party will be returning to Splendour in their only Australian show for the year. Joining them in shaking the foundations of Belongil Fields will be the kids with the feathers and the electric feel (or was that eel?) MGMT, who are making their highly anticipated return to Oz. Our crossed fingers and toes must’ve worked, because those mad scientists The Flaming Lips are also coming to the party – rounding out the top four.

Don’t exhaust all your excitement, ‘cause there’s more where that came from. As previously speculated, The Gutter Twins will bring their formidable experience to the table. The international guest-list also features ska legends The Specials, Atlanta indie troupe Manchester Orchestra, brooding UK outfit White Lies, new-wavers Friendly Fires and electro dude Yuksek. As always, the home team has plenty to barrack for too. Splendour alumni Grinspoon are joined by Midnight Juggernauts, Birds Of Tokyo, Augie March, Bob Evans and plenty of others.

So here’s who you’ll be seeing at Splendour In The Grass 2009.

Bloc Party (in their ONLY Australian show)
The Flaming Lips
Jane’s Addiction
MGMT (also in their ONLY Australian show)
Hilltop Hoods
Midnight Juggernauts
The Specials
Sarah Blasko
Augie March
Josh Pyke
Friendly Fires,
Little Birdy
Birds Of Tokyo
The Gutter Twins
Manchester Orchestra
Bob Evans
White Lies
Yves Klein Blue
Decoder Ring
Lost Valentinos
Leader Cheetah
Jack Ladder
The Middle East
Polaroid Fame
Glass Towers

All tickets will be sold online through www.qjump.com.au. As part of its support for the high demand event, Qjump has implemented innovative ticketing technologies, increased staffing support levels and introduced Westpac as its merchant partner – all aimed at improving the customer experience.

In addition, Qjump has developed new technology that enables the legal resale of tickets, allowing any festival ticket purchaser who is unable to attend the event the chance to secure a refund via a secure online facility. All such tickets are then re-sold at face value online to deter ticket scalping.

Splendour In The Grass
Saturday July 25th and Sunday July 26th
Belongil Field

Tickets go on sale at www.qjump.com.au from 9am on Thursday 14th May.


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Comment Added

thiswickedtonguesays said on the 22nd Apr, 2009

talk about a crap line up....


bonzipo said on the 22nd Apr, 2009

definately not going


motherbitch said on the 22nd Apr, 2009

let's just hope the twats at qjump sort their shit out this year!


brenly said on the 22nd Apr, 2009

^ talk about hard to please...


yeow said on the 22nd Apr, 2009

this lineup does not do splendour JUSTICE... see what i did right thar

Stace the Mace

Stace the Mace said on the 22nd Apr, 2009

Fantastic Lineup, you are all so god damn jaded


GrEnNo said on the 22nd Apr, 2009

jans addiction, nice score!!!! still but i wont be going


puretrance89 said on the 22nd Apr, 2009

you guys are definitley hard to please. i usually dont attend indie and rock festivals save money up for the big trance festivals. but this is an amazing line up!


yani_s said on the 22nd Apr, 2009

not enuf filfy dance

DJ MooseKnuckle

DJ MooseKnuckle said on the 22nd Apr, 2009

Jane's Addiction are back together again?? that's many shades of awesome!!


primus said on the 22nd Apr, 2009

Janes, Lips and MGMT, love it! Great lineup, dont think I can get up there tho hopefully will get a Janes show in Melbourne.


kingrino1 said on the 22nd Apr, 2009

It's spelled Navarro. Come on JackT! Dropping the ball...


eldorado said on the 22nd Apr, 2009

give the people what they want! JUSTICE JUSTICE JUSTICE..


petebb22 said on the 22nd Apr, 2009

i love splends but qjump is balls


locho said on the 22nd Apr, 2009

great line up... and thankfully no justice...they were so shit at syd parklife 07 neva again do i want to see them live! fuck you justice!


mangina said on the 22nd Apr, 2009

Great line up. Those who say it's crap are obviously too young or too sheltered to have experienced janes addiction and the flaming lips. All time brilliance. And FUCK justice. they were never going to be playing splendour, cause they are SHIIIITTTTT!!!


misstrancey said on the 22nd Apr, 2009

why is this on a dance music website? the EDM artists are few


VOITY81 said on the 22nd Apr, 2009

thats a mad line up for splendour! The lips and janes would be sick to see again! Yeah anyone that tinks they are shit are too young to know any better. Justice??? Pft sniff cough fart.


deXXy_Disaster said on the 22nd Apr, 2009

what a massively disappointing lineup! (and yes i'm under 30 so dont know anything about janes or lips :P )


lanesra23 said on the 23rd Apr, 2009

fuck justice are overrated get over them and watch some real bands/acts


KEEK said on the 23rd Apr, 2009

yawn fest.. minus janes addiction ofcourse.

Rob Flaye

Rob Flaye said on the 24th Apr, 2009

Anyone who has ever been to Splendour can confirm that it's never been about an electro-centric lineup with fluro kids who pop a billion pills, its more about great location and truly unique atmosphere, the people and the overall vibe! The lineup always h


pmincher said on the 24th Apr, 2009

fu@*ing' weak line-up is an understatement! i was seriously considering going for the first time this year but there's no way now. splendour organisers have to get their heads out of their asses and attract better acts - particularly in the hip-hop genre!


hoppipolla said on the 13th May, 2009

Shit lineup? I reckon the organisers have done pretty well for themselves, its solid. I mean you can't say you were expecting Radiohead or something. I'm definately going- it's Byron Bay for fucks sake! Best scenery, people its got the lot.