Bruno sits on Eminem's face

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Sacha Baron Cohen, king of the publicity stunt, has upset rapper Eminem at the MTV Movie Awards, resulting in him walking out of the event with his entourage in tow. Baron Cohen appeared in character as Bruno, the camp, gay fashion reporter for Austrian TV. He flew in to the auditorium suspended from a wire, complete with white feathered angel wings, and a white jockstrap.

Mid-flight Bruno ran into trouble, and he was lowered down into the crowd, landing upside down onto Eminem, with his head in the rapper’s crotch and his bare ass in his face. An unimpressed Eminem started yelling, “Are you fucking serious?” before his entourage flew in, pushing Baron Cohen out of the way, and rescuing the singer. They all walked out of the venue as a group.

There’s fierce speculation that Eminem is in on the joke, and considering the reputation that the MTV awards (and Baron Cohen) have for pulling pranks of this nature it’s more than likely the case, however so far it has been neither been confirmed or denied. The stunt has been going up on YouTube all day, but it is just as swiftly removed, presumably by MTV’s lawyers.

Baron Cohen’s film Bruno will be released in Australia July 9 through Universal Pictures. You can see YouTube footage of the incident below:

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jbgillet said on the 1st Jun, 2009

hahahah this is too good, whether or not its staged.. Sacha looks like he cops a couple of punches!


DJ_LG said on the 1st Jun, 2009

haha Looks abit staged. Also that link is no good but I found it here.