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In between his rapturous first album as LCD Soundsystem and its even better follow up record, Sound Of Silver, DFA label boss and all ‘round disco aficionado James Murphy released the incredibly ambitious 45:33, a collection of cosmic-leaning disco cuts to kick off Nike’s Run series. With its multiple movements and spectral breaks, 45:33 wasn’t exactly the best thing to work out to, but it was an utterly mesmerizing piece of work that will rank alongside Sound Of Silver when people discuss James Murphy’s legacy in 10 years time.

Never too late to get an extra push, DFA and EMI have announced plans to release an expanded remix package of 45:33, and boy, does it look good!

Dropping on September 11th, the deluxe package comes complete with futuristic rerubs from the likes of Prince Language, Trus’ Me, Pilooski, Prins Thomas and DFA’s own golden child Runaway.

Best of all, in the lead up to the CD release in September, the remixes will appear on a limited series of tasty 12” vinyls, for the purists and DJs out there.

While all this is going on, James Murphy is said to be putting the finishing touches on his third LCD Soundsystem album, which we should see in early 2010. Good news just got better.

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TroyShaun said on the 29th Jul, 2009

o'rly? that's super exciting! bring on Summer!!!~


wolfgangdjs said on the 4th Aug, 2009

the Padded Cell remix is an absolute weapon...