Tiesto to distance himself from trance?

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The ITM forums and comments areas blew up with excitement back in June when we revealed that trance superstar Tiesto would be making his long awaited return to Australian shores early next year. His first tour here since the mind-blowing Elements Of Life tour in 2008, Tiesto’s next run of dates are sure to be huge events on 2010’s dance calendar, but in a recent interview with UK paper The Times the Dutch powerhouse has revealed that he’s been gradually moving away from the trance scene.

“In the past few years I’ve discovered a whole new world of indie and rock, and I really like that kind of music,” Tiesto admitted to the paper. Continuing his revelation, the prolific producer went onto say “I’m ready for it [and] the crowd is ready for it.”

As startling as the news of Tiesto’s newfound love for all things guitar-based may seem, there’s been signs about the producer’s genre-switching machinations for some time now. One need only check out some of Tiesto’s most recent material and you’ll see big genre-bending remixes for crossover popstar Calvin Harris, riotous NYC rockers Yeah Yeah Yeahs and even spiky British lads Bloc Party. Indeed, it was just this week that Tiesto dropped his collaboration with infamous Australian pop crew Sneaky Sound System, further evidence that he’s looking outside the trance scene for inspiration.

Although The Times painted Tiesto’s remarks in a rather grave light, we don’t think there’s too much cause for panic just yet. The Tiesto remixes we mentioned above still hold true to Tiesto’s larger than life sound, so somehow we don’t think that Tiesto’s upcoming album will veer radically off course into some oddball blend of Animal Collective-esque psych-folk and pumping trance (even though that sounds kinda awesome).

Time will tell just how influential indie rock has been on the superstar DJ. We might even get some clues when Tiesto arrives for his tour early next year. What’s the bet he opens with some Radiohead?


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jakeWilliams said on the 29th Jul, 2009

someone please tell me how sneaky sound system is deemed infamous?


scottweeks said on the 29th Jul, 2009

why after some many years of success and a huge following would he change his tune? fool


trance_hall_86 said on the 29th Jul, 2009

could Tiesto change his alias to something else so he cant be associated with his awesome earlier work?


Kiron said on the 29th Jul, 2009

So basically he is going to make more tracks like In The Dark. Baaaaw, I was hoping for this next album to be like In My Memory :(


slipton said on the 29th Jul, 2009

Perhaps if you knew the meaning of infamous it'd make more sense... 1. having an extremely bad reputation: Yep. Sneaky in a nuthsell.


Gazza23 said on the 29th Jul, 2009

%u201CI%u2019m ready for it [and] the crowd is ready for it.%u201D couldnt be further from the truth, his sets of late are deplorable to say the least


divid3d said on the 29th Jul, 2009

didn't trance already distance itself from tiesto?


quantum8 said on the 29th Jul, 2009

lol even tiesto's sick of trance


TranceUnited said on the 30th Jul, 2009

what a fool. how can you distance yourself from the genre that has made you famous and provided you the platform to succeed? If he does this, I lose all respect.


johnjay said on the 30th Jul, 2009

but if he gets into rock how is he going to perform? can you still press buttons if you are playing rock? Or is he going to start playing the guitar?


bkinluvwithsound said on the 30th Jul, 2009

Worst news ever. Maybe he needs to get back to his very early days of hardstyle and happy hardcore!!! That'll toughen him up a bit!


Jarrod_s said on the 30th Jul, 2009

just went i thought trance or progessive was the way to go Tiesto changes his tune... i say goodluck and hopefully he doens't fail like Michael Jorden at baseball


DaGee2See said on the 30th Jul, 2009

tiesto always had a difrent (shit) style of trance enyway. he prob hs about 5 to 6 great trax n dats it.


willbert1987 said on the 30th Jul, 2009

good riddance to him his productions of late have been poor to say the least he doesnt deserve to be associated with trance anymore. he is all about the cheese and getting back his number 1 spot... look at PVD at least he has been there and lost it - but


westerndog said on the 30th Jul, 2009

How quickly the fanboy's turn lol


Weqster said on the 30th Jul, 2009

Tiesto doesnt realise that without Trance, he is nothing. His ego is reaching new levels arogance. Trance made him great, his great because so many people love trance and he was the first person to really capitalise and make trance truely accessible. Indi


Marky said on the 30th Jul, 2009

@ Weqster - but it worked so well for Arnold Schwarzenegger, didn't it? :) :)


EmBista said on the 30th Jul, 2009

just cus he's produced a couple of new tracks that don't sound like the old tiesto you guys are getting in to him.. listen to his clublife podcast.. still f*in awesome and its all trance!!


LucasYork said on the 31st Jul, 2009

lol @ tiesto producing anything....guess it varies on who is engineering his tracks at the time.


ShesAtomic said on the 31st Jul, 2009

What...the...f%#$! Wow, so disappointing seriously


TysanKlai said on the 1st Aug, 2009

Tiesto's Clublife is still my fav podcast. better than ASoT in my opinion. :P


Kiron said on the 1st Aug, 2009

In his defence, he does release awesome tracks under the names he uses on ISOS mixes like his Allure stuff.


GroovyGeo said on the 3rd Aug, 2009



GroovyGeo said on the 3rd Aug, 2009

Hang on WTF is Tiesto doing collaborating with Sneaky Sound System they SUCK!!!!


LavyP said on the 4th Aug, 2009

Being a die hard Tiesto fan got to say I was disappointed when reading this article but it is 2009. We live in a world where the genre 'House Music' does not exist anymore. Everything is mixed. And yes Tiesto's podcast fuckin rules! He keeps his Tiesto tr