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We reported back in June that superstar LA party starter and (and let’s not forget footwear designer!) Steve Aoki had a ridiculously long list of collaborations in the works, including hook ups with the likes of Armand Van Helden, Laidback Luke, Romanthony, Boys Noize, The Bloody Beetroots and D.I.M., all of which will probably smash the guts out of clubs and dancefloors everywhere. Yet one name on that list of collaborators was puzzling us, and that was Aoki’s collaboration with Zuper Blahq who we deduced was from Black Eyed Peas in disguise.

Premiering overnight, Aoki’s own Dim Mak Records unveiled the track and subsequent video directed by UK wiz Jam Sutton and, well, opinions are mixed. The visuals are great, blending some decidedly distorted visuals with So-Me style art direction, but, err, Zuper Blahq’s boisterous call and response vocals just seem kind of obnoxious. Also, what’s with the mask? Is it just us or does it look like an outtake from a fetish flick? Be the judge in the clip below.

Meanwhile, Aoki’s in preparations to bring his fabled Dim Mak parties down to Australia for a slew of big dates from October 15th to the 25th, so stay tuned to ITM for the full tour dates very very soon.

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cloudpost said on the 3rd Sep, 2009

The shout-outs at the end were awful. I don't think Boys Noize would like being associated with Steve Aoki somehow...


seanious said on the 3rd Sep, 2009

The kiddies will love it...and I'm afraid I like it too XD Although that will probably change after it is played for the 1'000'000th time in every club/commercial radio station


JamesRaymond said on the 3rd Sep, 2009

this song makes riverside look g


scottweeks said on the 3rd Sep, 2009

Really hating all these electro and r'n'b collaborations. David Guetta & Akon and examples such as this are pulling down our dance music platform to trashy all time lows


wild_comfort said on the 3rd Sep, 2009

stop sucking electronica's cock i dont want to see you at up coming festivals


The3rdPlumpDj said on the 3rd Sep, 2009

yeh what the fuck... dont mention boys noize in that shit!!


jesyka391 said on the 3rd Sep, 2009

music is alrite lyrics r dreadful


Persuit said on the 3rd Sep, 2009

worst lyrics, worst name for an artist, WORSE THEN 'RIVERSIDE' you know an artist is scraping the bottom of the barrel when he's mentioning other "cool right now" artists - not that i'm saying that crookers, bloody beetroots n boys noize are cool just of


djbricksta said on the 6th Sep, 2009

That is sooo badd!!!!!


Timmyloi said on the 7th Sep, 2009

what the actual fuck.... thats absolutley hideous