Kanye West taking a break from music, embarrassing stunts

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It was just earlier this week that we reported on rap superstar Kanye West’s brain meltdown at the MTV Awards which saw him once again storm the stage to berate a ‘Best Video’ winner, in this instance country cutie Taylor Swift. Understandably, shit hit the fan following Kanye’s outburst, and nearly everyone with access to a Twitter account vented their distaste at the rapper’s rude and thoroughly obnoxious tirade.

Since the incident, Mr. West has been on the road to redemption, issuing several apologies for his mind snap on his personal blog (one of which saw the rapper liken himself to Ben Stiller in ‘Meet The Parents’… so street, man!) and also appearing on US comedian Jay Leno’s new show overnight to air his regret about the incident.

Sitting down with Leno to discuss his behaviour at the awards, West seemed genuinely upset about the event, especially when Leno twisted the knife and brought up the rapper’s recently deceased mother. It was awkward to say the least. But amongst the uncomfortable silences, West admitted that he thought it was time for him to take a break from the relentless schedule of producing and touring that he’s been following.

“I’ve never taken the time off, y’know, it’s just music after music and tour after tour,” he said. “After this, I need to take some time off and just analyse how I’m going to…make it through the rest of this life and improve…,” West said, visibly choked up.

You can check out a brief snippet of West’s interview in the news clip below, which also contests that President Obama has weighed in on the situation, describing the beleaguered rap star as ‘a jackass’. That has seriously got to hurt.

So it looks like this could very well be the last we see of Kanye West. At least for a little while anyway. Pop the champagne corks people, we didn’t even need to reinstate the ‘Kanye-ban’ this time!


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docjnr said on the 16th Sep, 2009

good riddance! don't come back fuckwit


tkotk said on the 16th Sep, 2009

hurry up and bring the ban back on this guy. fkn nooB


lloyd said on the 16th Sep, 2009

What a d**ckhead!!! When is he going to fade away?


djschultzy said on the 16th Sep, 2009

too much hoota.... needs to get of the blow too....


iakona said on the 16th Sep, 2009

What are you then, a gay fish?


brenly said on the 16th Sep, 2009

eh... next king of pop? that doesn't even make any sense, and even though it's a joke... it's not funny. i'm actually starting to like kanye tbh. sort of. he's definately entertaining! his music is alright too... nothing special... but catchy. i just enjo

Brad Lee

Brad Lee said on the 16th Sep, 2009

I never liked him and his recent behavior has certainty made me realize that he is Truly a Cock head..Crawl back under your rock and don't come back...WE DON'T LIKE YOU!! Even the US President hates you!!


GrEnNo said on the 16th Sep, 2009

finally, no more kanye!!!! THANK GOD!!!!!


Middy1986 said on the 16th Sep, 2009

atleast he has balls and makes it interesting.....every1 is censored these days....KanYe fanboi

steffans back

steffans back said on the 16th Sep, 2009

If ever there was a case for sterilization...there we have it. If we lined up all the rappers and shot them all it be doing the world a service


jackles said on the 16th Sep, 2009

steffans - thats was a spanner comment if ever ive heard one.. even if your not a fan of rap music, some rappers are extremely gifted individuals, dunno why this stigma exists that because they sing music idolized by gangsters that they themselves are rap


Rocca said on the 16th Sep, 2009

damn. in this dark world we live in full of terrorists, economic crises and global warming, it's nice to see people like kanye making fools of themselves and lighting up people's lives. i'm very sad he will be taking a break! :(


djbricksta said on the 16th Sep, 2009

Love Lockdown brudda ;)


sang said on the 17th Sep, 2009

anyone seen him in concert? he's just as random. at the brisbane show in his recent tour, he went off on a rant about the media for about 10mins whilst the band kept looping the same breakdown of a track ...TWICE. the icing on the cake was when e perform


Weqster said on the 17th Sep, 2009

See kids, this is what happens when you consume coke. False confidence.. Your brain thinks you are alot better then you actually are. For Kayne, this has never really been a problem... Until now...


ToMaZo said on the 18th Sep, 2009

LOL forgot the words to his new song... that would have been a classic moment, the coke addiction finally took its toll on his short term memory


neoPulse said on the 21st Sep, 2009

He loves fish sticks.