ITM's Defqon.1 Festival photos

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It came, it conquered, it blew our minds. Holland’s mighty Defqon.1 Festival finally made it to Australia over the weekend, for an event featuring the kind of wild spectacle that blew even our wildest expectations out of the water. Wanna catch a glimpse of what it looked like? Check out ITM’s photo galleries now.

> ITM’s Defqon.1 Festival photos.

Hearing hard dance banging it out during the day in the sunshine was a novel concept for many, but the sellout crowd was treated to gorgeous weather on Saturday when Defqon.1 finally reached the International Regatta Centre, a venue that seemed nearly custom made for the event. However, the real action happened when the sun went down with the massive Defqon.1 logo that towered over the crowd at the main stage. With the full lights, lasers and effects turned on, it simply had to be seen to be believed. Check out some of the feedback in the ITM forums for an idea of how well the experience went down with the crowd.

Want more Defqon.1 Festival photos, news, clips, interviews and more? Check out ITM’s Festival Page and check out the clip below for a sample of the action…

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lupine said on the 21st Sep, 2009

And an epic time was had by all. :D


dazza_b said on the 21st Sep, 2009

I don't care about photos, I just want to know it will be back again


Hetfield said on the 21st Sep, 2009

Looks sick! wish i went!!


Mantello said on the 21st Sep, 2009


BrendanO said on the 21st Sep, 2009

Was right up the front. Blew my mind.


i_have_ADD said on the 21st Sep, 2009

damn, looks incredible


bonzipo said on the 21st Sep, 2009

What a day indeed!, no other event has come close to how professionally organised the event was. No flaws i can make anywhere! Crisp sound, fireworks, flames, lasers were all mint. Fav sets were Public Doman, Noisecontrollers, Evil Activites, Alex Kidd &


Kat_in_Japan said on the 21st Sep, 2009

Was a truly impressive set-up!


jardi said on the 22nd Sep, 2009

Brilliant .. best festival I've ever been to!! Here's hoping it's back again next year (and the year after!!) :)

Glenda BB

Glenda BB said on the 22nd Sep, 2009

was absolutely EPIC. For those of you who did not attend, BIG BOO BOO. Had the time of my life.


FtMOde said on the 22nd Sep, 2009

Wait for Mystery Land... House,techno,trance,hardstyle,hardcore MASSIVE..


IZME said on the 23rd Sep, 2009

this event BLEW MY MIND AWAY! i go to every single event each year, no matter what the genre and god DAMN this was amazing..definitley worth my hard earned dosh. really cant find anything to fault it..except the 2 hour hike out to woop woop..but well wort